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  1. Very nice looking! I especially like how majestic the nozzle looks like.
  2. PS: What's tht spaceship in your flickr photostream?! ))))
  3. She is wonderful! I like how the silvering of the decals turned out into quite a pleasant effect actually. And the overall clean look is awesome!
  4. Next, the MLGs... the quite more difficult thing. So the entire foot moves to house the wheels in a longitudinal way inside the bay, cause obviuously the Sirit's crossection is thin in these areas and there is no room for houseing 2 sets of wheels one above another. I made 3 hinges in total per gear - 2 small for the foot and the diagonal supportive strut, and 1 big hinge for the retraction of the entire pylon. And now they sit perfectly inside their bays. How they look 1 up and 1 down, w/the wheels on: And only the pylons without the wheels - 1 extended and 1 with its imaginary position inside the bay: And inside the bay:
  5. I got it stared these days... from the landing gears ))) They will be moveable to allow 2 display modes again - on the ground and in-flight. This gorgeous bird look so nice with its clean silhouette, but on the ground appears quite impressive as well. The nose gear was relatively easy - here it is lowered and painted: And in the bay: Lots of cuts and edits were required, but i think i perfectionized the main principle. The closing of the front (smaller) door was a little hastle, cause first it is small, and two there is no much space for the hinges. Indeed i had to cut some plastic from the upper half of the fuselage to accept the pins for the hinges. Here is how the doors look closed, from inside: And open, from outside:
  6. This build is only getting more and more fantabulous! Awesome cockpit, and switches, and IPs, and pilot!!!
  7. So that's it for the 2-mods photoshoots, guys. This is perhaps my best (not largest or most complicated) model in terms of appearance. I tried Have Glass V coverage for a 2nd, maybe 3rd time, and it definitely puts off apart all my other models painted with only paints. Thank you very much to all of you who followed, commented, helped and encouraged along the way. Thx again and just as a hint - maybe i'll start the Spirit next.
  8. The "parked" Photo session... Now i captured most of these pics on a direct sinlight, which really makes the characteristic shine of Have Glass appear more vividly:
  9. Nice soft grey color. I would use black oil paint for weathering to make it look more black. How you plan on the finishing - just the lacquer and a clean overall appearance, or a more soiled heavier weathered one?
  10. On the following session i tried to capture the Have Glass effect as much as possible (shine/glare/reflection). In-flight mod again.
  11. In-flight. With highlight on the starboard: and on the port side: ...there is more...
  12. Hi. Looks very impressive your cavern. And your collections undoubtly!
  13. Many Thanks, guys! Thx for following along the build and for the nice comments!
  14. It`s finally done! * The WIP topic The F-23A Black Widow II in a searial production variant like it would be if it was the chosen winner from the ATF competition some two decades ago. The original kit is the HobbyBoss 1/48 YF-23 kit, which went through a major conversion, and almost all the surfaces were completely edited. Check out the full WIP topic for more insight although the majority of the first photos of the build cannot be displayed. She's a very beautiful plane, it think, and i considered all the diagrams and info on the http://yf-23.net page while making this conversion. So I kept the imagination level as low as possible, well.... maybe the weathering is quite alot, but who knows... maybe it really could have look that much soiled and weathered. A couple of serries of photoshoots will follow, cause the landing gear and the rudders are moveable, to allow 2 display modes - inflight and parked. First a dozen overall pics... Hope you like them, and Enjoy!
  15. Oh yes oh yes! +1 for the SPLENDID! The direct sunlight makes it look a little on the pale side, but it's visible how clean and gorgeous it is! Btw some more pics would be great...
  16. Trumpeter?! I'm not aware of a Trumpeter's YF-23... but sounds good Btw, Guys, the rollout is coming up in a gifty. Check out the ready for inspection section...
  17. Sneak peak post weathering...
  18. Awesoooooome! The Best F4` pylons! And the weathering underneath is so clean indeed, except for the few areas where it is quite heavier. I like that contrast, and how the decals are nicely contrasting too.
  19. 10x Gaz. For the dust particles - here are 2 pics where i tried to point a flashlight from right underneath the canopy, where is also located the nose gear. So, with the bay door open and with the gear pylon extracted - there is more space to access the housing of the wheel itself and of the huge diagonal strut (which is glued to the main pylon). I had to cut plenty of area on the cockpit floor to get more space for the retraction of the wheel and of this diagonal strut. They literally fit inside the cockpit - the wheel basically touches the top side of the main IP cowling, and the top part of the diagonal strut fits right behind the seat..... Note the long lights on the windshield - they are just reflections of the light in the room. But the spots around the canopy section - it is flashlight from underneath the wheel bay, piercing through the holes in the cockpit tub: And with a long thin metal rod (wire) accessed the canopy through these holes and managed to get rid of most of the visible dust particles. PS: if wondering - here is an old pic where the seat is still not glued and the location of the diagonal strut is visible, with the gear up. The location of the wheel and the pylon are quite imaginary of course, but it`s something like this:
  20. Thank you thank uuuu! That Rembrant thing made me laugh ))) thx!
  21. The aft deck weathering. The first few pics are with flashlight: And at normal daylight: .... yep, for the tiles i used red, yellow, blue and magenta, separately. And quite transparent OPs on top.
  22. I think i got it right, at least the bigger particles are removed. They are now somewhere inside the cockpit, so hopefully they won't stick back on the canopy. A couple of pics of the noze with the unmasked canopy/IR pod:
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