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  1. Anders_Isaksson

    Maketar gone or what?

    Great to hear from you, Alek! Good to know you're still around. I may need a few custom masks, will get contact you soon in that case.
  2. Anders_Isaksson

    Maketar gone or what?

    I have tried their website for a while now, but still down "...due to maintenance". And seeing the previous topic I start to wonder what has happened.
  3. Anders_Isaksson

    The Spad is out of the Bag....A-1E / AD-5 Skyraider conversion

    Thanks Thierry for the info. Still, I thought the Navy version was already out? Will have to double-check the Fisher website. Edit: Ok, I now see that the USAF A-1E is a pre-order item and the US Navy version comes later. My apologies for any confusion caused.
  4. Anders_Isaksson

    The Spad is out of the Bag....A-1E / AD-5 Skyraider conversion

    I’m sorry for being slow here but this A-1E/AD-5 above is a separate conversion for a USAF two-seater, yes/no?
  5. Anders_Isaksson

    1-32 Italeri CF-104

    Excellent work! I really like the clean look. Is the Italeri C/D release any better than the G release, and how is the fit of the Aires pit?
  6. Anders_Isaksson

    The Spad is out of the Bag....A-1E / AD-5 Skyraider conversion

    The info on the Fisher website says the conversion is suitable for both Trumpeter and Z-M kits, but is any of them better than the other for using as a base kit? And does it matter if an H or J is used as a base? Edit: I just went back in the thread (always a good idea to do before posting 🙄) and it seems Trumpeter is a wise choice.
  7. Anders_Isaksson

    Those 1/24 Airfix Spitfires... just how bad are they?

    Excellent info, many thanks to all who took the time to respond! I have my eye on the USAAF Mk Vb Trop in the newish red box but I suppose this is a later pressing and may suffer from inferior clear parts. I may have to exsmine the kit before buying, if I go ahead! Thanks again!
  8. I have seen a few WIPs but I just can't make my mind up on how much work is involved in getting the kit to look good. From what I have read it seems the nostalgic value tend to overshadow any basic pros and cons, making an objective assessment difficult. The kit has recessed rivets and panel lines, right? And a few gaps here and there is a challrnge I can live with.
  9. Anders_Isaksson

    ICM I-16 Type 24 CAD Images

    Great info, waiting for my I-16 to arrive from Hannants any day now. I take it there is no provision for seatbelts in the box, PE or otherwise? I see that Eduard offer a set of soviet seatbelts but these seem to differ from the type of belts included in their various 48th scale complete I-16 sets.
  10. Anders_Isaksson

    ICM I-16 Type 24 CAD Images

  11. Anders_Isaksson

    ICM I-16 Type 24 CAD Images

    That sounds great, I may pre-order the kit from there then.
  12. Anders_Isaksson

    ICM I-16 Type 24 CAD Images

    Quite excited about this new release. I assume it is still August for this one?
  13. Nice indeed! But apart from a radar nose building a proper J 30 Mosquito will need a set of four-blade propellers too, right?
  14. Anders_Isaksson

    WNW Camel kit selection; Which chosen and why?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Le Rhône engined variant is considered the typical 'standard' Camel, right? Should be the one for me then...
  15. Anders_Isaksson

    New Tornado kit? Computer says yes?

    Many thanks for the rundown, it all does sound managable! I was not aware of the second chin pod on the Gr.4, but there you go. Easy enough to leave it out though, as you say above. Thanks again!