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  1. Ah, I missed that detail. And, as you say, probably one of those details Trumpeter missed too.
  2. Hmm, after posting yesterday I spotted a French -1B and it seemed to have the -2 canopy. Perhaps it was a retrofit? i will have to look around some more... Edit: Found this photo that I borrowed from https://wwiiafterwwii.wordpress.com.
  3. Looking at the -1B canopy on the above site it seems as that part also has the extra frame, so virtually identical to the -2 canopy? Or perhaps I am confusing things.
  4. Hi Iain and no worries, I can certainly wait.
  5. Iain, many thanks for taking the time and trouble! The conversion back to the -1B indeed looks doable, think I will go ahead and give it a go. As you say, the -2 canopy may well be usable (as is) on the -1B, will have to check my references. I will await any further post but thanks again, Iain!
  6. Just found an additional snippet of info as it seems the -2 featured an oil cooler door on the lower cowling. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/obscureco-aircraft-obs48002-grumman-bearcat-f8f-2--177240 But perhaps Trumpeter never bothered to modify their -2 to include the door? Otherwise I assume it might be easy to backdate the cowl by deleting the door.
  7. Yes Iain, I can indeed wait until the weekend. Many thanks for taking the time! I will await your info on the different boxings. Thanks again!
  8. Ah, I see. The taller fin alone of the -2 makes me drop this idea. Better to just get the proper -1B. Thanks for the info!
  9. As I believe the basic plastic is the same, can a -1B be made from the -2? Just curious, as I understand that only the armament differed between the two versions. So a set of aftermarket items for the -1B specific cannon barrels might do the trick? Thanks for any input!
  10. Great to hear from you, Alek! Good to know you're still around. I may need a few custom masks, will get contact you soon in that case.
  11. I have tried their website for a while now, but still down "...due to maintenance". And seeing the previous topic I start to wonder what has happened.
  12. Thanks Thierry for the info. Still, I thought the Navy version was already out? Will have to double-check the Fisher website. Edit: Ok, I now see that the USAF A-1E is a pre-order item and the US Navy version comes later. My apologies for any confusion caused.
  13. I'm sorry for being slow here but this A-1E/AD-5 above is a separate conversion for a USAF two-seater, yes/no?
  14. Excellent work! I really like the clean look. Is the Italeri C/D release any better than the G release, and how is the fit of the Aires pit?
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