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  1. Having wrestled a bit with the old Tamiya Tomcat I'm having none of it anymore. Just not worth the work involved to make it shine, but that's of course a personal opinion. The Trumpeter kit is (as said above) rather flawed when it comes to exterior shapes. The Zactoman intakes are (IMHO) essential add-ons. The wing having separate flaps and slats is a no-seller to me as Trumpeter's rendition is still rather inaccurate overall. Tried to accurize the HB 48th scale flaps/slats to make the wings passable but it was a lot of work, and I'm pretty sure the larger Trumpeter kit has every p
  2. I could sure do with the SF version...
  3. I emailed Res/Kit yesterday and got a reply that the F-4 (E/J/F/G/S) exhaust set will be available in the next couple of days. Great!
  4. Yes, but having an actual decal sheet at hand makes it easier designing the masks - or at least I believe so. I don't have much experience in creating masks just yet, but this subject seems to be one of the easier to start off with.
  5. I always thought the Phantom was covered in so much stencilling that it affected the total weight and performance! Good to know the low-viz S had less of the small stuff. Sure makes life easier.
  6. I´m pretty sure I have seen a new set of exhausts announced from Res/Kit, but can now only find this picture of the set. Nothing on the Res/Kit website. Strange. Res/Kit do some great stuff so a few sets of proper F-4 exhausts may fit the bill for the Tamiya kit.
  7. I suppose there are no decals for this F-4S? Google tells me no. https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/McDonnell-Douglas-F-4S-Phantom-II/676821?qsp=eJwtjLEKwkAQBX9FtjagUSzSaWGroNgvd08NRu/YXdAj5N9dD7th3mNGCull%2BNi5ZFBHCpZwpzllFn4qdSM9UN5JojNdm/Vpdtk37aL1iyaxXXEd2bANAdkQ//4gEfKboKHWbl5fOkCOlWm1cR97zQPXBoz7gabpC8nCLzI%3D If nothing else I plan to cut masks but a decal sheet would be great to use as a prototype for designing the masks. I think decals will work fine for any low-viz stenciling that may be needed, which I can take from any available F-4 decal she
  8. Ah yes, you can go with the NMF or grey on grey with half the cost... and perhaps half the effort to paint. I have already built one 72nd and 48th scale Viggen each in NMF and grey/grey so guess there is no more option left for me...
  9. I guess that’s a question only you can answer.
  10. Thanks all for your input. While I've spoken to the Aires guys a couple of times I never thought of asking why the fit of their stuff is so and so, guess I was too blow away by all the sets they offered at their table. My very own theory is that when a cockpit set has several base kits, say like the 1/48 Tomcat, Aires is tailored for one of those Tomcat kits and the fit to other kits is what it is. Case in point is my Aires cockpit for the 1/48th Tamiya Tomcat, IIRC the tub and IPs are identical to the older Aires set made for the Hasegawa Tomcat. But then again, the Hasegawa kit still n
  11. Painted larger markings sure will look good in this scale. I would have liked if the insignia & numbers set was divided up into a single set per marking option, but I can sort of understand why DN make a complete set in one go. Perhaps Montex go ahead and release a few sets, guess we'll see.
  12. Jennings, you certainly have a point about Aires stuff.
  13. With the advent of 3D decals from Quinta et al I find myself having difficulties on choosing which path to go. 1. Quinta IPs + resin seats + resin canopies with inner frames etc https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/mcdonnell-douglas-phantom-replacement-canopy-set-for-tamiya-kits 2. All resin+PE cockpit set (like Aires) which caters for all areas but probably with more assembly and trial fitting involved. And yes, I dislike doing cockpits but still really like the look of a well-finished office. Any thoughts?
  14. Excellent work! How does well the Aires Cocpit fit in the Tamiya kit? From experience I understand that the Aires track record when it comes to fit to the base kit is a bit so and so...
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