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  1. No worries! Thanks for the info so far. I will look into getting the Flightpath nose and go from there.
  2. Just a few more questions: 1. What do you mean by "deepening the radome", do you plan to add material to the underside of the radome and area down to the nose gear bay? 2. Would a good way be to keep part of the base of Tamiya's radome to sandwhich in between the resin nose and kit forward fuselage in order to keep the correct overall fuselage length? That is how I understand your description above but I wanted to double check. I read your WIP from page 24 and forward but I am still a bit confused about which route to take.
  3. Many thanks Anthony and all for the input! I will look into this some more and consider modifying the front fuselage.
  4. I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere that the Tamiya F-4C/D/J Phantoms should need a nosejob. Has anyone used this set? https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17694
  5. Sorry for asking here, but has Italeri so much as hinted at a future Gr.1 release? I know about the IDS/ECR, but a proper GW1 RAF Tornado is what I would like...
  6. Agreed. One look at the AMK kit compared to Tamiya's rendition and the choice should be obvious. Still, the AMK wings may be usable on the Tamiya kit if dirty wings are preferred. Not a cheap solution, but still...
  7. The AM intakes for the Trumpeter kit are needed to correct the exterior shape of said intakes. But then, Trumpeter's intake interior is a bit of a mess by itself - but that's really another story...
  8. Having wrestled a bit with the old Tamiya Tomcat I'm having none of it anymore. Just not worth the work involved to make it shine, but that's of course a personal opinion. The Trumpeter kit is (as said above) rather flawed when it comes to exterior shapes. The Zactoman intakes are (IMHO) essential add-ons. The wing having separate flaps and slats is a no-seller to me as Trumpeter's rendition is still rather inaccurate overall. Tried to accurize the HB 48th scale flaps/slats to make the wings passable but it was a lot of work, and I'm pretty sure the larger Trumpeter kit has every problem the HB kit has... so no thanks. Revell... to me the forward fuselage around the cockpit with the windscreen and canopy all jumps out at me as being just more or less out of shape, with the shallow canopy being the main error for me. But others may think differently. If only Tamiya would scale up their 48th scale Tomcat I guess we all would be rather happy...
  9. I could sure do with the SF version...
  10. I emailed Res/Kit yesterday and got a reply that the F-4 (E/J/F/G/S) exhaust set will be available in the next couple of days. Great!
  11. Yes, but having an actual decal sheet at hand makes it easier designing the masks - or at least I believe so. I don't have much experience in creating masks just yet, but this subject seems to be one of the easier to start off with.
  12. I always thought the Phantom was covered in so much stencilling that it affected the total weight and performance! Good to know the low-viz S had less of the small stuff. Sure makes life easier.
  13. I´m pretty sure I have seen a new set of exhausts announced from Res/Kit, but can now only find this picture of the set. Nothing on the Res/Kit website. Strange. Res/Kit do some great stuff so a few sets of proper F-4 exhausts may fit the bill for the Tamiya kit.
  14. I suppose there are no decals for this F-4S? Google tells me no. https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/McDonnell-Douglas-F-4S-Phantom-II/676821?qsp=eJwtjLEKwkAQBX9FtjagUSzSaWGroNgvd08NRu/YXdAj5N9dD7th3mNGCull%2BNi5ZFBHCpZwpzllFn4qdSM9UN5JojNdm/Vpdtk37aL1iyaxXXEd2bANAdkQ//4gEfKboKHWbl5fOkCOlWm1cR97zQPXBoz7gabpC8nCLzI%3D If nothing else I plan to cut masks but a decal sheet would be great to use as a prototype for designing the masks. I think decals will work fine for any low-viz stenciling that may be needed, which I can take from any available F-4 decal sheet.
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