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  1. man this looks like a nightmare to build like the revell bug, keep up the good work
  2. not done much as i started nights today (thats where i am now ) but i did get to check the pilot / seat and yes as per suggestion, its too big, ive had to trim the bottom off it now, ive been thinking, i think the whole cockpit, is too high, on the inside of the cockpit body there are guides for placement, i think the issues is these are too high, i did notice a gap between the bottom of the fuselage and the gear well, but as nothing else fit i didnt think about it if these 'guides' are wrong it would explain / rectify the whole cockpit area, too late for me as its all buttoned up but may help the next person, foolish enough to build this
  3. Is there anything else I should know? Did you build it gear up or down?
  4. Thanks guys I'm taking a day off tomorrow for a trip to RAF Coningsby to watch some Typhoons
  5. thanks for the replies ok so bearing in mind i needed to remove the rear of the cockpit, i thought id try the front glazing so what do you know, it sticks up 5mm and if you press it down it splays and will break so .... you need to remove the top of the front wall as well by at least 5mm, i just hacked mine off with sprue cutters this to this so once installed this is the profile
  6. as it stands i think they should withdraw the kit from the shelves there is no way someone without much experience could build this out of the box, i think ive taken the easy option of in flight, looking at the gear bay and the gear itself, i dont think it will build at all, i did have a 'play' before i closed the gear doors, there were so many bits fouling each other. i have a contact via the revell reviews and i will be speaking to him when the build is complete, ill link the thread aswell
  7. cheers guys, im not the best modeler in the world and funds are limited, so when i spent this much money on a kit i have to keep going interestingly for my forum we get review samples from RoG like the Bell x-1 i reviewed the other day, however RoG arnt releasing this to reviewers, this is the first time in at least 10 years revell have said no to reviews of a kit. I think they already know how bad it is
  8. so before i go on a mass filling and sanding spree, i thought id install the nose and it didnt fit at all..... (sadly i forgot to take photos) but its not as bad as it seems, the whole thing is obstructed by the rear wall of the cockpit tub, you need to remove 3mm from the top and each of the corners, as per the photo (everything above the blue lines) once that is done it all snaps in place pretty well, the seam in the side wall, would be noticed on a static build and would need either filling and sanding or a insert made, however in flight with a pilot it cant be seen sadly when you turn her over.... a chasm appears on either side, more filler please!
  9. Tell me about it I need shares in sqn green stuff
  10. i ve used and have several sheets and they are some of the best decals to work with, thin, but still strong. I cant comment on the colour issues but if there was something i wanted i wouldnt hesitate
  11. ok not much of an update as ive been stuck at work for days but here goes cockpit fits together reasonably, as mine will be inflight the addittion of a Pilot for the Acaademy (thanks mate) minus his legs was added, the seat and deacls are from the kit now the issue, this kit has the option for wheels up, and i know there is a slight step / gap down the side of the gear door but not this much
  12. guys ive just done an inbox review of the Revell Bell x-1 just thought id share it on here https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/mainly_military/kit-review-1-32-revell-bell-x-1-t10962.html
  13. It's a joke there is no tolerance anywhere so 1 slight twist or raised injector pin mark and the whole thing is out of alignment
  14. I didn't even register that seem until you said, not good
  15. ok moving on next you start the cockpit section, tbh im worried about the fit to the main body, so im going to test fit every thing before i paint the tub so the wheel well has a fair amount of detail , however as mines in flight you wont see this so i decided to have a test fit and im pleasantly surprised, there looks to be a few bits to fill and sand but not much fingers crossed now while im test fitting this far, i thought id include shots that everyone is talking about now im no expert, im using the mk1 eyeball compared to photos and it does look a little flat from some angles but not that much in my opinion. However fixing it would not be as simple as some have suggested, the flattest point there i think it would need correcting, actually leads into the canopy, so you would need a new canopy as well, i cant currently take a photo with the canopy inplace as the are soaking in Klear anyway food for thought..
  16. they deffinatley need replacing, however im not sure its worth the effort for this kit im dreading the cockpit to main body join
  17. ok here we are again so whats changed, well not much the fit is stall appalling The ECS? vents are ment to be a drop in piece, however they dont, you have to remove a chunk to get them to sit flush, then still the fit isnt great and will need a small amount of filler to sort it i have no idea how accurate these are by the way next was time to fit the shoulders and the inner wings, if im totally honest, the fit isnt as bad as id expected it, you have to treat it like the old airfix Buccaneer and glue 3 inches, clamp, then move on and repeat the process the green around the gear doors, is mainly to tidy up, ive never found a kit yet where the gear doors fit properly there is a small gap on both sides that needs filling but considering the rest of the kit, that's nothing
  18. im not giving up, i spent too much money on this to give up now
  19. guys i do have to put the disclaimer it may be me...... but i dont think im that bad
  20. ok next episode in this saga! at first i thought it was me... but after 2hrs!! yes 2hrs trying to install 2 pieces i come to the conclusion my modelling skills arnt that bad pieces R19, 20 are the inner exterior intakes,, this is where they fit naturally look at that gap! you have to warm and twist the plastic to sit in the proper place on the exterior (thank god for EMA plastic weld!!) however this leaves a hell of a gap on the interior, but this is actually correct as the instructions tell you to fill the gap can you see all the other seems ive had to pull slightly apart to get this done so after that monumental battle, the sides come next and guess what? im telling you this kit will send me to a loony bin!! on investigation, this bit fouls the side on BOTH sides and has to have the top section trimmed back and now she fits well near as damn it more soon if i can take the stress
  21. jesus, this is fiddly, im glad its in flight this is way way too complex ive treated it like the old airfix bucc, glued one end clamp (add a little CA) then move down bit by bit
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