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I have been building scale models for a long time, which evolved into scratchbuilding, mold making and resin / metal casting. Long before WingnutWings, I scratchbuilt a 1/32 FE2B, which won 1st place and special awards at the 1992 IPMS Nationals. I then went on to produce several WWI kits of aircraft and armored vehicles. Most notably, a 1/32 scale Junkers D.1. Back in the day, I also did production casting for companies like Tom's ModelWorks, Fisher, Copper State Models and many others. I have molded, cast, produced masters of car, train, ship and plane.


Personal life and a full time career in Federal Law Enforcement took a priority and I slipped away from the commercial side of things.


Nowadays, I am semi-retired, and plan to get back into the scale model world - on the commercial side once again. In the coming months I will be setting up shop in Gig Harbor, WA and am looking forward to creating some new and interesting 1/32 scale products.

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