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  1. I need the different sizes of the code numbers & letters that the British & Luftwaffe used in WWII also the Roundel's & Cross' or where to get them. TIA. Paul
  2. I use Micro liquid tape for most parts that need to be glued to clear parts put a dab on both parts let it dry (dries clear) and volla all done Paul
  3. Brian, Probably one of the most useful tools I've got is a fingernail drill/file machine that I got off of e-bay I like because you can stall it with your finger slow enough so as not to melt the plastic when your grinding or polishing, cutting brass tubing small parts with cutting wheels, think about it. Paul
  4. I my experience you can't us isopropyl alcohol on acrylic paint it'll remove it ask me how I know. Paul
  5. Damn I like that idea never thought of it THANKS. Paul
  6. I thinned it with alcahole and shouted with my AB worked fine Paul
  7. I got my visor optic on eBay for about $10.00 bucks with fuur lens don't know what I'd do without it. Paul
  8. Ken, I should have clarafiede that statment about MEK I didn't mean that you should spray it through your air brush but to soak the parts it.
  9. Well pal I sure hope that the package that I ordered has the checker masks too, I'm going to go with the Green version. Paul
  10. Took me about 6 weeks to build mine hell two of them were just trying to fugure out how to glue it with out screwing it up. Paul
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