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  1. Harold, the pilot's seat has the correct configuration for the parachute harness as they came out from the soft pack either side under the parachute closing flap. There are two clips on the side of the head box to hold the parachute risers/straps for when the aircrew boarded. Interesting in the photo is that the inertia reel lines do not look to be attached to the risers which are why they want to hang down. Inertia lines add tension to the risers and hold them up as in the GRU-7 seat. On The GRU-7 the parachute risers were just pushed around the side of the parachute pack when the aircrew boarded as the seat did not have the clips on the head box. Interesting after researching some very old Koku Fan magazines last night I came across some color photos of VA-196 A-6A/A-6B Intruders aboard the Big E and they have the same orange covers on the seats also. The only problem I see for you is that if you mount the parachute risers to the head box this may cause you so grief in the molding process. I would mold them the same as the would appear on a GRU-7 seat. HTH Photo from Tony T posting elsewhere on the forum: http://s1080.photobucket.com/user/tonythornborough/media/GRU-5seat.jpg.html
  2. Mark , that's looking great! I really like the variation in the panels. She'll look nice when your finished.I think foiling looks better than Alclad and is worth the time invested.
  3. I love and it's very well done. I just wish somone would give us an F-4B in 32 scale! I just don't understand why Tamiya did'nt do it. I think we would see a lot more F-4's built if we could do the B model as they had a lot more colorful schemes and Mig Killers!
  4. A kingfisher! I'm going to have to build a catapult for it to rest on! Great news as like aircraft with floats.
  5. Peter I don;t know if I'd call it furniture. It so heavy once it's complete and packed it takes almost three people to lift it.
  6. My seat is not demilled and still has the data card from the F-14A it was removed from.It was in storage and then given to me. I replaced all the soiled parts on it such as cushions and belts etc while I was at Miramar which just happened to be very convenient.It is 100% complete and fuctional.
  7. Well if you need any info on the GRU-7/A seat for ya F-14A project I have a Pilots seat sitting in my office at work. A gift from Grumman when the F-14 program was closed down after the F-14D.The seat is complete and fully packed but with no cartridges of course. Just in case you build an early F-14A they did have the ribbed cushions on the seat.
  8. Actually I found after many years what works best for me is I add the thinner into the airbrush cup first and then add the paint to the thinner and then mix in the cup.
  9. I've just started this kit as it was a gift from the wife along with the Pontos Super detailed photoetch set that contains 18 sheets of etchings and a wood deck. If some of you guys are interested in targets, I mean ships I would be happy top start a build log though it will take a good year to complete. Cheers.
  10. Welcome aboard. I have not seen one of these built for a long time. I like your progress!
  11. Trumpeter 1/32 scale Mig-15! What a nightmare to correct and such an iconic aircraft that I wish some model company would do it justice.
  12. Forget the B-17 as we already have one! I want a B-29!!! Seriously I do and I will find a room for it.
  13. No one makes modern fabric seat belts that I know of.I like to use lead foil such as from good wine bottles and such. I actually use the lead foil from dentists xray films. I have a dentist friend so I have a never ending supply.I never really liked the flexable resin such as Cutting Edge use to sell. The seats are looking realy nice Harold!
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