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    Daniel460 got a reaction from monthebiff in 1/32 ZM Henschel Hs-129 B-2   
    Drool! Great subject in great hands! I'll try to check in and watch this one Andy, looking great so far!
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    Daniel460 got a reaction from Jennings Heilig in Please spare a thought...   
    So sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and yours..........
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    Daniel460 reacted to rammstein in Scratch building a landing ship medium in scale 1/35   
    hello all,
    In march I started on a Landing ship medium in scale 1/35. dimensions of a LSM lenght 203'6'' or 62,027 metres, the beam is 24'6'' or 10,515 metres. In scale 1/35 this will be 1m 772 x 30cm.
    These photo's are of the vehicle deck.

    vehicle deck and the lower part of the LSM

    next are some photo's of the bridge, with the different platforms and the windows drilled, I used a drainpipe for this



    I also placed a WT door


    I placed the walls of vehicle deck with water tight doors and ladder rungs

    next photo's are of how it all looks like , looks more and more  of a LSM, work under vehicle deck is done



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    Daniel460 reacted to rammstein in Scratch building a landing ship medium in scale 1/35   
    hello all,
    work started on the frames under vehicle deck, most of them are recktangle of shape, with curved frames towards stem and stern.


    all the frames glued in place

    work until now


     a close up of the ladder rungs

    one of the water tight door on vehicle deck

    while everything is drying I started on the stern with anchor support

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    Daniel460 reacted to rammstein in Scratch building a landing ship medium in scale 1/35   
    hello all,
    Some more work done

    with fairlead placed

    next I started on the bow ramp

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    Daniel460 reacted to dmthamade in Revell 1/16 Hawaiian Funny car build.   
    Glad i could save it. Would have hated parking it on the SOD again. Doing a few more things (fire bottle, tinwork, windows...) then will get more pics.
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    Daniel460 reacted to LSP_Kevin in Forum Hiccup!   
    We just had a much more serious server outage, which has just been rectified. As always, this led to some database corruption, but thankfully nothing that couldn't be repaired quickly.
    As ever, please let me know if you come across any issues.
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    Daniel460 reacted to LSP_Kevin in Forum Hiccup!   
    Howdy folks,
    Once again, I tried to run a quick update in the background today, and it caused a few issues. I was able to get it sorted after a couple of hours, but in the interim, many forum features were non-functional - including posting!
    All better now, I hope!
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    Daniel460 reacted to LSP_Kevin in Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe   
    Having reached an amazing US$30k in donations, and with Paul's insurance company now starting to pay out, we have decided that the GoFundMe campaign has run its course, and will be deactivated soon. I've disabled donations in the interim, and would like to thank each and every one of you who so generously supported Paul and his family during this difficult time. It's made a world of difference! Hopefully we'll see Paul back to churning out modelling goodies sooner rather than later!
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    Daniel460 reacted to Allok in Christchurch shootings   
    Unbelievable. But very real. I don't think NZ has had an incident of this nature before, so no-one is really sure what to do. 
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    Daniel460 reacted to Anthony in NZ in Christchurch shootings   
    Such nice thoughts from the LSP community.  We are all still coming to terms with it still, doesn't seem real that such a thing would happen here. The fear of reports of maybe 9 shooters active and being in lockdown was somewhat terrifying at the time.   Especially when we are trying to recover and rebuild from the earthquakes.  With the utter devastation and loss of life from that....it feels like a body blow and all your emotions instantly run very high again. 
    I am still waiting to hear from clients and people I know who would have/might have been there, that I see in my daily life.  I guess I will know more on Monday when I go back to work.
    Thanks for all your love and thoughts, but it's something that affects us all no matter where we are from.
    Oh and please don't watch the video of the live stream (apparently its gone viral) one of the shooters did, evidently its very graphic and distressing.  No need to feed these scum with watching their actions
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    Daniel460 reacted to Jennings Heilig in Christchurch shootings   
    Absolutely devastating. My heart goes out to everyone Aotearoa. 
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    Daniel460 reacted to hamfists nz in Christchurch shootings   
    Oh hell! I thought you lived in Blenheim Anthony?
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    Daniel460 reacted to alaninaustria in Christchurch shootings   
    A very sad day for all of humanity. May we all heal from this tragedy. 
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    Daniel460 reacted to Kagemusha in Christchurch shootings   
    It's truly tragic that folk who are in desperate need of psychiatric help, have access to, and feel the need to express themselves with, serious armaments.
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    Daniel460 reacted to Shawn M in Christchurch shootings   
    wow, stay safe you guys
    my heart goes out to those who lost people
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    Daniel460 reacted to quang in Christchurch shootings   
    The horror!
    On this sad day, my thoughts go to our NZ friends.
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    Daniel460 reacted to Ivan Ivanovich in Christchurch shootings   
    It's utterly devastating and it's really hard to accept that what was deemed unimaginable has eventually become reality. The world has indeed gone mad.
    Here at the foothills of Banks Peninsula, only a few kilometres away from CHC, we're shaking our heads in disbelief...

    Can't find words to express my relief after having found out that my friends and colleagues from CHC are safe and sound.
    The same goes for Anthony, though we haven't met in person. Glad you're safe.

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    Daniel460 reacted to LSP_Matt in Christchurch shootings   
    Sorry to hear such terrible news.
    Kiwis are like family.
    Hard to believe the scale of this catastrophe and misery.
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    Daniel460 reacted to Out2gtcha in Christchurch shootings   
    Uhh.. I hate hearing about things like this, it just sends shivers up my spine.   Please keep yourself safe guys
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    Daniel460 reacted to seiran01 in Christchurch shootings   
    Bloody awful news back home in the last few hours.
    Ive been in contact with Anthony Galbraith, they’re all still on lockdown in their schools and offices but he and his family are all ok. 
    Do we we have any other friends here on LSP who hail from Christchurch? More importantly if they are reading this - are you and family/friends all ok?
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    Daniel460 reacted to scvrobeson in Christchurch shootings   
    Can't even imagine something like that happening in New Zealand. Everybody stay safe, and make sure friends and family are safe as well.
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    Daniel460 reacted to Anthony in NZ in Christchurch shootings   
    Thanks mate....yes we are supposed to stay inside as there are apparently multiple shooters at large....no one really knows much more except there are many fatalities 
    Who would have thought here in my city.  Cant wait to get home to my family......the world has gone mad
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    Daniel460 reacted to Michael931080 in Christchurch shootings   
    Just horrible.
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    Daniel460 reacted to Jack in Christchurch shootings   
    It's very very sad what happened in Christchurch, and i'm trying to feel the sorrow for all involved, but "lone-wolves" like this individual WILL always hit at the most inconspicuous places possible, just because of THAT effect......it can happen anywhere, the world has indeed gone mad you might say, but even if it's a sign of "the time", this terrible event has been happening before in other circumstances......it just shows how inconsiderate we are growing to be on others, their beliefs, convictions, ways of living, you name it........and modern ways of communication isn't really helping in "cooling down" the initial reactions on things, if you know what i mean........
    just my two P's
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