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    JT68 reacted to tomprobert in Monogram B-36 Peacemaker   
    I'd been suffering from a serious case of modeller's block and had ground to a halt on all my projects and just couldn't get restarted. I'd actually built this kit on and off a while back, and all it needed was painting and decalling so in an effort to restart the mojo I splashed some Halfords and Tamiya paints on and just went for it. It's far from perfect but has got me back in the groove and keen to get going on some of the other kits I have on the go so its purpose was well-served.
    The decals actually represent a B-36B rather than the Mongram kit's RB-36H configuration, but all I did was fill the slots for the jets and round off the prop tips. A proper B-model would have a different bomb bay set up, different tail radar and various other slight differences but I didn't want to get bogged down making any further modifications so left it as is.
    Anyway, here it is:
    DSC_0261 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0255 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0288 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0263 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0266 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0284 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0279 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0276 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0274 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    I saw a real one of these in Datyon a few years back and it's MASSIVE - hence it's no surprise the 1/72nd version is also MASSIVE!
    Happy modelling, folks.
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    JT68 reacted to RadBaron in I have a confession to make.   
    The good old question of modelling Mojo. How many times a week does it come up where someone is worried that they're the only one getting burned out.
    It's a hobby. There are many different reasons that we all build, but ultimately they're positive reasons.  If/when you find those positives disappearing, theres nothing wrong with changing subjects or even packing it all up until you feel like building again. I think you'll find most people go through the same thing.
    There are so many subjects in all sorts of scales, to limit yourself to a narrow subgenre is missing out on so much fun!
    Go pick up something cheap, outside of your usual scope for a quick build fix. Something that isnt going to be a taxing build. I have a small stash of Bandai Starwars kits for exactly reason. Perfect fit, great detail and you can build and paint them however you want with zero concern for accuracy. Model cars can be the same.
    Or go watch a movie. Or read a book. Or something that isnt model related. Itll come back to you.
    Bottom line, it's supposed to be fun. 
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    JT68 reacted to StathisP in F-16D Block52+H.A.F Academy 1/32   
    I present to you the well-known ACADEMY kit  as a Greek f-16 of 340 squadron by 115 Combat Wing. I used after market materials like as:
    inerior cockpit,seat belts and mask by EDUARDS
    wheel bays και wheels by the AIRES
    landing gear by the SCALE AIRCRAFT CONVERSIONS
    Engine exhaust GT RESIN
    static dischargers  MASTER
    Decals by  THREE STAR DECALS
    The colors I used for the camouflage were: for the fs36307 the GUNZE H324, for the fs36251 the AKAN 77100, for the fs35237 the 72043 AKAN




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    JT68 got a reaction from Pastor John in Eduard/Roden 1/48 Gloster Gladiator   
    Beautifully done John!
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    JT68 reacted to Jennings Heilig in My new toy!   
    Bought my sister's 2013 Aliner Ranger 12.  She bought it new, and is upgrading to a hard side Casita.  Too good a deal not to bounce on it.  Pulled it home behind the Tacoma and didn't even know it was there.  I needed something else to spend money on

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    JT68 reacted to Pastor John in Eduard/Roden 1/48 Gloster Gladiator   
    Just finished my 1/48 Gladiator. For those of you who are interested the following aftermarket products were used in this build of the Eduard/Roden kit.
    Eduard PE set (in addition to the Eduard PE in the kit)
    My AIMS bracing wires PE
    My AIMS hatches and latches PE (for missing gun pod plates)
    SBS engine/cowl
    Quickboost gun pods
    Quickboost red fuselage nav light (unable to use wing tip lights as way over-size - perhaps designed for Merit kit)
    Master Browning 303 barrels.
    Rob Taurus Vac form canopy
    Finished in Mr Paint Silver with Exhaust/collector ring in Alclad Jet exhaust followed by Pale Burnt Metal.
    Figure and dog from ICM.

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    JT68 reacted to ericg in Late 2019 WNW updates: Lancs, HP 0/1/400s, Dr1s, H-B D1, Aces, and 32075 Sopwith...?   
    Isn’t this a discussion forum?
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    JT68 reacted to John1 in (WARNING - NOT LSP RELATED) Got the Tamiya P-38F/G today!   
    Personally, I’m not a big fan of open panels like gun bays.  Tamiya offered them on its Mustang but just gave you solid covers.  The real thing had the recessed locking latches that were left opened when the bay doors where in the open position.    Very hard to replicate these details on the kit part.  You’d have to grind out the plastic and then install PE tabs. 
    With regard to Airfix, if they are the “king” of 24th, it’s strictly due to lack of competition.   The details on their Hellcat are pretty basic, not even close to what Tamiya is doing in 32nd.  
    I really hope we see Tamiya supersize it’s P-38 into 32nd.  That kit would be amazing.   
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    JT68 reacted to cnq in My 1/48 planes (added new one)   
    Thank you friends.
    And my newest build also from Eduard 1/48 Britist FB2 Fighter Bomber





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    JT68 reacted to cnq in My 1/48 planes (added new one)   
    Thanks friends.
    And some of ww2 planes also in 1/48








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    JT68 got a reaction from Pete Roberts in LS Australian Service F/A 18A/B   
    Here is an article by Paul Gillan on building an Aussie Hornet,
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    JT68 got a reaction from Artful69 in LS Australian Service F/A 18A/B   
    Here is an article by Paul Gillan on building an Aussie Hornet,
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    JT68 got a reaction from panzer948 in Wingnut Wings W.12 - 1st WNW kit   
    Yeah, missed this one as well,....what a brilliant piece of work!
    First class work all round there, everything done superbly, from the model itself, to the figures, and the groundwork is just beautifully done.
    That is the type of setting I wanted to put my W-12 in, but just didnt get around to it.
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    JT68 reacted to panzer948 in Wingnut Wings W.12 - 1st WNW kit   
    In order to get the look of the pilot helping the injured crew member, I purchased four German Navy air and ground crew figures from Cooper State and did some parts swapping and heavily modified other arms/legs by cutting and filling with Milliput.  I read somewhere to combine heavily modified figures that are connected prior to painting to ensure they look natural and mold them to each other using putty etc.  I felt that really help me get the look of the injured guys weight on the pilot, even though it made painting more difficult.  I used Vallejo acrylics for base colors but did all the recess and highlights using oils for both clothing and skin tones. I enjoyed painting these guys since WWI uniforms/attire were not consistent and allow you to use your imagination for color choices. 


    A few more detailed shots





    Anyway, this project is complete. Now on to the next! 
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    JT68 reacted to panzer948 in Wingnut Wings W.12 - 1st WNW kit   
    Diorama Scene
    I finally have the W.12 on a proper diorama setting that I thought would be so applicable to the plane.  As described in the 1st post to this thread, I am made the assumption that the W.12 1410 had added the black tar base floats by April 1918, which was documented on her sister W.29s aircraft from the same unit when the 1410 was written off that same month.  Thus, I thought I would build a dio showing my imagination of the planes fate; that is an emergency (albeit controlled) landing in enemy territory near the coast of France.  the environment is more of a tidal lagoon, bay, marsh, etc.  Thus, I made a water/beach scene with low energy waves revealing minor damage to the engine area.  The damaged included a couple of bullet holes in the right engine covers, with the fragile cover fallen off soon after reaching the shore.  Finally I show the pilot assisting his injured gunner down the beach with hopes of reaching friendly territory or rescue.  He is carrying his flare gun with hopes of signaling German aircraft nearby.  Anyway, that was my imagination of what could have been.  In reality I could not find anything on the real fate of 1410.


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    JT68 reacted to panzer948 in Wingnut Wings W.12 - 1st WNW kit   
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    JT68 reacted to Jan_G in HPH PBY-5A / OA-10A s.n.44-33876 / 2nd Emergency Rescue Squadron   
    Finally back again at the bench after 4 months.
    in past 2 weeks I was able to work on engines.
    I really like details provided in the kit, however I went extra mile to make the front part which will be visible as detailed as possible

    main parts glued together

    exhausts painted

    decent wash applied

    final results, quite happy wit the outcome

    thanks for looking
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    JT68 reacted to Dave Williams in New HK Models Kit TBA @ US Nats!   
    For sure, it’s poor marketing, but the reality is that it likely won’t matter at all.  When the kit is finally announced, it will get the same reaction as if it were announced last week.  People will either be interested in the kit or they won’t.  I can’t imagine anyone saying that they would have been interested in the kit, but not now since HK let me down by not announcing at the Nats like they promised.
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    JT68 reacted to kkarlsen in Arado Ar 234 B-2 - Fernaufklärer (Finished)   
    Thanks Guy's - So this build is finally coming to an end.

    A preview shot of the finished diorama. I will be taking more photo's the coming days...
    Cheers: Kent
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    JT68 reacted to Rowen in New HK Models Kit TBA @ US Nats!   
    Yes. A B-26 Marauder is the next logical large scale. We now have a 17, a 24, a 25 and a Lanc (they're here, regardless of accuracy).
    It's time for the Marauder (well past it if you ask me!). We don't need another 51, 109 or 190! Puhlease! Enough already!
    That being said, there is a whole line of things almost completely missing too - a Kate, A Val, a Dinah, etc...
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    JT68 reacted to Radub in Railway modelling diorama destroyed by mindless vandals   
    There are plenty of people from "disadvantaged" areas who chose to take a different path and went on to achieve a lot in life. It is all down to personal choice. These people CHOSE to do this. It has notthing to do with society, class, disadvantage, poverty, etc. There is nothing here that some politician can exploit for votes, there is nothing here that "activists" can use to further their "cause." These kids chose to break in and destroy other people's property just for no discernible gain. They chose to invest time and effort into doing the wrong thing. 
    I will not spend any time seeking explanations for these idiots. I am really sorry for the people whose years-worth of work was destroyed. No amount of punishment or insurance can fix that. 
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    JT68 got a reaction from Wolf Buddee in Getting tanked for the New Year   
    No worries Wolf!.......the Tiger is looking good!
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    JT68 reacted to Wolf Buddee in Getting tanked for the New Year   
    Wolf, are these dry transfers from Archer what you need?
    Thanks Jeff! Yes, those are indeed the style of numbers I need except they appear to be too thick. The kit decals are quite narrow. I guess if all fails I can paint over the ones I've already applied and start over. I don't really want to have to do that if I don't have to, LOL!
    Great call though, thank-you! I was looking on Woody's site and found the tall thin white outline numbers that look to be exactly what I need and ordered 'em. 
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    JT68 got a reaction from Wolf Buddee in Getting tanked for the New Year   
    Wolf, are these dry transfers from Archer what you need?
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    JT68 reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"   
    I added some tire slip marks per Victor's comment.

    The main landing gear legs have been cemented into place.  I'll need to be careful with the fit of the tires as they are kind of loose on the axles.  I need to make sure the flat spots hit the ground flat so I'll wait until the glue is completely dry.  Looking at the pics, I think I need to mess up the interior sides of the engine nacelles.

    The nose gear door has been glued into place.  I'm not sure what that wet spot on the front tire is but I'll double check it.

    I've given the model another flat coat.  It was a 2:1 mixture of Flat to Gloss to avoid the white frost effect.  I think I'll stop it there in terms of flatness.

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