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  1. Has anyone heard anything about a 32nd kit from Tan model or release date?
  2. Research the helmet for the pilot. If you can find it there is a softcover book that has all the ac they flew minus the F 16. It shows the helmets from every year. The F 84 helmet didn’t have a visor. If I remember they had googles
  3. Really Dave you gonna start with that hahahahahahaha
  4. Well i have been flying the Blackhawk for over 20 years and although he is an amazing scratchbuilder, some of the parts and panels are not correct. He has a good overall idea of the helo but some things are just fiction. It looks awesome and he does excellent work, however wrong is wrong.
  5. I have also used Future before on natural metal. I sprayed it on as a last coat after the black primer to help seal and cover any scratches I missed in sanding. Worked great.
  6. couple little error to point out to you The cargo hook is installed backwards, and the flir housing on the nose is upside down. It needs to go on the bottom side of the nose with the turret facing up.
  7. Oliver just fyi, I don't think that the cover on the top of the hydraulic deck cover behind the upper wire strike cutter is actually there, at least not on any Blackhawk I have seen. The hydraulic cover is a one piece fiberglass cover and the support struts for the wire strike go to the back end of the cover and are riveted into place. The pics in the instructions are wrong in the placement of the upper cutter so check pics and see how far it needs to move and the angle of the arms and that will help. Erick
  8. Sanded the tail rotor pedal boots off since they are very bad looking and going to replace with glue soaked tissue paper cut to size. Cut out the avionics recesses under the pilots seats and lined with strip will again cover with tissue paper since not much is visible underneath. Used the Eduard cockpit as a guide for the holes and cleaned up with sanding sticks. Made the door edges with strip and will glue the Eduard piece to that to give it the proper depth of the inner door. Also cut out very carefully the inner parts of the Eduard door with a sharp blade and ruler.
  9. Look what came in the mail today from Sprue bros. Live resin 240's and Eduard photo etch. Have started small work on cockpit sanded doors clean made the cyclic out of strip and rod kit piece is anorexic. Made the MFD backs from strip laminated together and added small strip for the cooling vents on the sides. The collectives in the kit are wrong only the copilot is thicker. The pilots has a shaft from the grip back to the back so will make that with rod. Made the correct mod to the sides of the glare shield by cutting part of the side off. A thin piece of sheet will be put in place and the tail pedal adjustment handle will go there.
  10. Academy kit, Eduard photo-etch, Live Resin M134 and M240 window mounts and some custom made details will round out the kit. Pics to follow.
  11. That piece on the side of the bulkhead by the pilots seat is part of the velcro that the back of the seat attaches too. So you can just use some tape and paint it to look like that. Seats looking awesome the sheepskin is perfect very in scale there well done..
  12. another thing you can do is if you have some leftover resin pieces, take some sandpaper and sand the piece and used the resin particles. Coat the milliput with white glue and sprinkle the resin dust onto the part and that will simulate the sheepskin in a more scale appearance
  13. 1 is a map light and yes it can be removed and used by the pilots to illuminate what ever they need in the cockpit the cord allows it to be. 3. Yes you can they are very similar. 4. Not sure about 4 pm Floyd he can tell you. That is a Kneeboard that we wear with checklists and commo info and paper to jot notes on. I believe that is a clamp for the M-4 that you built on the side of the glareshield. They can lock them in and then use them if they need too.
  14. you can shape some sheet plastic that is stacked together to get the height then sand it to shape and then make the cutouts on the upper dash and fit them to that. one thing you can do is make the shape of the piece on some thin sheet then use a ballpoint pen to make the indention's into the plastic and then you have a better looking lower panel. Just some thoughts
  15. IF you have any questions about the 58D ask Floyd, he is the Man when it comes to the 58D. Very good personal friend of mine and a fellow Warrant Officer and just a damn good dude. He will keep you straight
  16. coming along quite well you can see in the pics of the real thing how the shading of the black is way different and you did a good job of that with the different shades.
  17. The Disco makes no light at all it is IR so you never see it so no matter it still will look the same, For the windows you can paint it different colors like silver, gold, pink, orange, since it reflects light the little windows have a different color when viewed from any angle. Also on the position lights on the step fairings make sure you only paint the bottom half the red or green and leave the green color or paint the top half black. You can also hit the panel lines alot darker with the wash on the sides anb bottom of the tailboom since oil and Hydraulic fluid leak back onto there I have some pics of some Kilos in Balad I will post so you can see. You can also weather the TR blades and hub a bit since that is a well used piece haha. Looking good so far any questions just pm me will be happy to assist
  18. yep when you have internal robby tanks the fuel dump is located there
  19. just to be realistic there isnt to many things that close to a helicopter when landing especially in the desert ask me how I know haha. Rotor wash will move alot of stuff around quickly and stuff like that near a helicopter landing isn't a good thing. The bags do look very realistic well done for your first time
  20. your upper wirestrike cutter needs to be forward of the line the supports actually go right on the line the instructions are wrong lots of mistakes that academy did in the instructions
  21. https://images.search.yahoo.com/images/view;_ylt=AwrTcXR9IVJVBBcAU6IunIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTI0MDJiZmN2BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANkZDgyMmM5OTBmN2YxODAzNzExM2M1YzZlMzg5NWNhMwRncG9zAzEwMARpdANiaW5n?.origin=&back=https%3A%2F%2Fimages.search.yahoo.com%2Fyhs%2Fsearch%3Fp%3Dmh-60%2Bdap%26fr%3Dyhs-mozilla-001%26fr2%3Dpiv-web%26hsimp%3Dyhs-001%26hspart%3Dmozilla%26nost%3D1%26tab%3Dorganic%26ri%3D100&w=600&h=394&imgurl=www.airwar.ru%2Fimage%2Fidop%2Fah%2Fah60%2Fah60-6.jpg&rurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.airwar.ru%2Fenc%2Fah%2Fah60.html&size=64.7KB&name=%3Cb%3EMH-60L%3C%2Fb%3E+%E2%95%98+Everett+McEwan&p=mh-60l+dap&oid=dd822c990f7f18037113c5c6e3895ca3&fr2=piv-web&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&rw=mh-60l+dap&tt=%3Cb%3EMH-60L%3C%2Fb%3E+%E2%95%98+Everett+McEwan&b=61&ni=21&no=100&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=115no1697&sigb=14cjkip9d&sigi=11b8a50kl&sigt=110sjaln4&sign=110sjaln4&.crumb=b.5SB1j619.&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&fr2=piv-web&hsimp=yhs-001&hspart=mozilla
  22. The thing about that PE is that again not all helos have the same stuff. That set is more of a generic airframe set. Most hawks have alot more strengtheners that are in the set and some that arent even in the set so dont get to wrapped up if you dont have all of it on there. The radar detector fairings look in the right place but double check pics of the real helo to make sure google images is your friend. Keep it up
  23. no sweat bro looks good either way keep it up
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