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  1. Paolo Meant to ask about your wheels. Did you have any in progress shots of how you did the spats for the wheel support? I would like to do that on my Lizzie as well, but have not seen any thing that shows how the strut goes up the spat. Thanks Russ
  2. Another agree comment from me as well. Absolutely awesome job on the Lizzie. You must be about ready to complete her. Continue the story please Russ
  3. WOW. What else can I say but....WOW This kit has been in my shelf of doom kits for years. Started, thrown up in the loft, re-started. Several times. You have brought it out of its place again with your incredible build. I am so grateful to have been able to read this accounting of a beautiful build. Of course I sincerely wish that ICM would do this in 32nd scale to go along with the rest of the pre-war stuff that they have already done. However, right now I realize that anything new is very far from their thinking. God Bless the Ukrainian nation in this time. Thanks for sharing your build with us. Russ
  4. Rick, did you have any issues with the cabanes and wing struts on the Roden kit? I read or saw somewhere that there was a problem with them lining up or fitting to the upper wing. I too have bought both kits, but they are not started yet. Thanks Russ
  5. Was there ever any more work posted on the Revell 1/28th DVII? I followed it up to the last post dated 10July 2010, and then nothing. Was the build completed? Thanks Russ Niles IPMS 4450 Sacramento Ca Too close for missiles....switching to guns
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