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best paint remover

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I have found that Simple Green works if the paint is acrylic(Vallejo).  I just heard about using Isopropanol Alcohol IPA 99.9% from a FineScale video, seems to work also.

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About ten years ago I used a product called Purple Power and it worked very well on modern acrylics , old enamels and even Floquil lacquers.  Totally harmless to plastic and not difficult to work with, just an over night soak and rinse with water.  The product was removed from the California market but has since returned.  I am not sure if the current stuff is the same formula or not.



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On 3/23/2024 at 2:38 PM, LSP_Kevin said:

If it's Gunze or Tamiya acrylics, I just use Windex. The latter paints in particular come off in seconds. For almost everything else, I use Mr. Color Thinner, which works almost as quickly. Just be warned that whatever you use, it's a messy process!




I'll certainly second the Gunze thinner, at least for some applications. This '29 Ford truck bed had been annoying me for the last year or two, as simply nothing seemed to have much effect on the paints. This was/is Testors enamel over Tamiya primer that I goofed up, which nothing seemed to really budge. Following Kev’s recommendation, using a paper towel and some Q-Tips, I have removed almost all of the paint and the rest will easily come off with an additional treatment, which I intend to do tonight, then it’ll be ready for primer again.




Tho other side, which has not yet been stripped.



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I am building  Tamiya 1:24 Porsche 930 and made a bit of a horlicks of the paint. The build progresses now and then as the job and family life allows, so a model can sit for a month or two between each stage. The masking latex under lacquer eventually sets hard, so I have had to strip the body shell. Soaking in rubbing alcohol for a day and a soft toothbrush has worked really well.

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