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Mitsuo Fuchida Nakajima Kate Pearl Harbor attack markings?

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On 12/29/2023 at 8:32 AM, Uncarina said:

For whatever it’s worth, here’s the decal sheet for the new Border Kate (screenshot from Andy’s HHQ preview video):




Markings are primarily for Fuchida’s aircraft piloted by Lt. Mitsuo Matsuzaki and for the leader of the 1st Torpedo Attack Unit, first attack wave piloted by Lt. Cdr. Shigeharu Murata. However, it looks like you have the option to build other aircraft as well from the Akagi or Kaga, and possibly from the Soryu.


Cheers,  Tom

I'm thinking that Murata's Kate should also have the yellow "command" bars on the vert. fin as he was the Leading torpedo bomber pilot. the profiles show red bars but the box art shows yellow [ which I believe is correct] I seriously doubt that Fuchida's Kate was bare metal underside, of course anything is possible. From what I've read ALL the Kates were given the dark green topside color enroute to Pearl harbor. Some had a pretty good coat and some it seems were quite "blotchy". It certainly wouldn't have been fun painting them on the carriers, nor the best conditions either [ I'll bet it stunk!]. The reason I think it unlikely that Fuchida's plane had baremetal was in wasn't in keeping with IJN regs.  in force  at that time , corrosion control being high on the list. The aircraft were delivered with a factory paint job , primered and painted [most likely J3]. Fuchida's plane MIGHT have slipped through though.Ah the joys of researching out ww2 Japanese colors! Gotta love it!

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On 12/29/2023 at 12:25 PM, coogrfan said:

A quick FYI: the photos of Fuchida's aircraft are stills taken from newsreel footage shot during the Indian Ocean raid in late March-early April 1942. The upper surface dark green was applied shortly before the Pearl Harbor attack, possibly in transit. This paint was applied without the benefit of a primer coat. That, combined with the Kido Butai's intense operational pace from January to April 1942, played hell with the paintwork. An aircraft at the time of the Pearl Harbor raid would have had a near-factory fresh appearance.  


Thanks for that info.  I was wondering just how bad Japanese paint was if it was peeling even before the Pearl Harbor raid.

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