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Woody V

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13 hours ago, Woody V said:


Hey Rob.


Yea, this gets tricky for several reasons. Rivet sizes on aircraft vary and the rivets represented on kits are seldom correctly represented.

The 1/48 rivets are .23mm

The 1/72 rivets are .15mm

All of the aircraft products are HERE.

Unfortunately, and completely my fault, not all the scale specific indicate the diameter. Any rivet set designated for any scale are all the same diameter. 

Of all the pictures customers have sent me, this 1/72 Lanc takes to prize. 

I thought you'd find this interesting.




Wow that Lanc is amazing


Thanks for your reply Woody, I'll order sets 1/48 staggered rivets

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Pleased to report that the previously unobtainable rivet sets I have wanted, showed up in my mailbox promptly and without a hitch.


I purchased two of the assorted resin rivets/screws AR88001 and one each of:


1/24 Single Row Aircraft Rivets (three different spacings) AR88154


1/48 - 1/32 Resin Rivets (three different spacings) AR88143


Happy camper!

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