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Patrick AFB OV-10A Broncos 549th TASTS/TASTG

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Are there any references available for the USAF OV-10A Broncos that were stationed at Patrick AFB in Florida from 1979-1988?  In particular,  are there any references showing the markings for the 549th TASTS Broncos in Euro I?



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Here's one that Jennings posted:   https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/89481-ever-seen-an-o-2a-in-euro-i-lizard-camo/



Here's an earlier photo showing a livery that more resembles the Sembach-based airplanes:  https://spotterup.com/the-ov10-light-cas-aircraft-temporarily-reappears/


The earlier scheme had fewer markings overall.


Some things of note in the second photo:


1)  The white antenna on top of the horizontal stab is, I think, an off-the-shelf ELT antenna.

2)  The prop tips, painted black and red, are unusual

3)  Note there are no RHAW antennas installed

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And some more, from 1984:    https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235037530-red-flag-84-3-549tas/


Some things to note:


1)  The ILS antennas on the right boom are painted body (camo) color.

2)  No RHAW antennas

3)  3-digit airplane number on the nose

4)  Red triangle ejection seat placard (I don't think the Sembach airplanes had these)

5)  Patch on the tail might be a TAC patch, but I'm not sure

6)  Note that the FM antennas on top of the booms are straight.  They bend back in flight.

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Thank you very much for the links and information!  I lived in Satellite Beach when I was young and used to see these flying nearly every day (along with occasional rare aircraft like the U-2), but do not have references.


I do not recall seeing these in the overall gray scheme, so the image links are a huge help.  I am going to try to piece together some markings using Caracal and AOA sheets.  


These aircraft did not carry FL tail markings or other unique items (squadron badges, crew names under canopy, etc) during their Euro I phase, correct?


Anything else to note for 549th aircraft outside of what was noted?



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Hey, I lived in Satellite beach as well for a year.  When I first came to Patrick in 1980 I think all the airplanes were grey, and they started repainting them after I left.  When I came back through Patrick about 1982/83 they had the Euro One airplanes and maybe a few grey ones still.


I know the Euro One airplanes at Sembach at first had very sparse markings.  There were no unit markings at all, and they didn't have the data stencil nor the ejection seat triangles.  I wasn't at Patrick when they first got the Euro One airplanes, but I assume they came with the TAC badge on the tail.  From what I can tell only the Patrick airplanes had the black/red prop tips. 


-- Dave

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I dug through a box of photos and found one from my time at Patrick AFB.  This is from the base airshow in March of 1983.  Ignore the 1LT with his goofy mustache.  Some things to notice:


1)  No RHAW antennas installed

2)  The ILS antenna on the side of the boom is painted body color.  (I've seen them painted black elsewhere.)

3)  Black paint aft of exhaust.  Sembach-based airplanes didn't have this.

4)  Prop tips red/black (I've not seen this scheme used elsewhere).

5)  I think that's a blue Hamilton Standard logo on the prop (usually these are red, or worn off completely).

6)  Black spinner (sometimes these are painted body color in the Euro1 paint scheme)

7)  Oil color door open whenever gear is down

8)  Inlet cover without the vertical bar in the middle.

9)  Seat belts are grey-green

10)  Seat cushions vary from silvery-green to olive

11)  Survival kit olive green with a silver edge where the upper and lower halves join

12)  RBF flag is long and has two pins.  One goes into the D-ring, and one goes into the ballistic charge.

13)  Props in flat pitch




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