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Two new canopy sets, this time they are LSP. E.E. Lightning and F/A-18F Hornet


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On 9/8/2022 at 1:55 PM, Ali62 said:

A-7 canopy and upgrade is a distinct possibility, well at some point……no promises any more as to when.

Su-27 less likely as I do not have the kit, and there is the single and the two seater to consider, the other point is I have no references on the aircraft or for that matter on any modern Russian aircraft, not my area of interest or knowledge.


…I’ll hang tight…, I recently recieved the BAC Lightning and Super Hornet canopy, they‘re awesome!

i just ordered the Eurofighter canopy and brass landing gear…

Thanks for your great AMS …:goodjob:

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25 minutes ago, Ali62 said:

It is almost ready for release, a few niggles in the way, I was hoping to have that and the F-14’s released a week or so ago………however nothing seems to go to plan 

watch this space hopefully there will be a result this week

Excellent, I need 2! 

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