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Model Monkey 1/32 British 18-inch Mk.XV torpedo for Beaufighter, etc.


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Happy to announce a World War 2-era British 18-inch Mk.XV torpedo is now available in 1/32 scale. Commonly launched from Bristol Beaufighter maritime strike aircraft and motor torpedo boats, the Mk.XV was the standard airborne torpedo used by British and Commonwealth forces in the latter half of the war.


The Mk.XV was a "wet-heater"-type torpedo, 206.7 inches (525.1 cm) in length, 17.69 inches (44.9 cm) in diameter, delivering 545 pounds (247 kg) of Torpex explosive at 40 knots. In 1/32 scale, the model is 16.4 cm long.










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Uncertain.  Hopefully an expert here can answer the question. 


Richard A. Franks, writing in his excellent "The Bristol Beaufighter: A Detailed Guide To Bristol's Hard-hitting Twin" states that Mk.VI, Mk.X and Mk.21 Beaufighters could carry a British 18-inch, 21-inch or US-made 22.5-inch Mk.13 torpedo but he doesn't state who the actual operators of those aircraft were (pages 104, 108-109, and 112).  Mr. Franks also states that although Australian Beaus Mk.21 were fit with torpedo mounting equipment, a 2000 lb HE bomb was normally carried in place of the torpedo (page 73).

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