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1/35 Navy SH-60/HH-60/MH-60 Seahawk Family Decals - updated 8/13/22


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14 hours ago, Tomcatfreak said:

I am looking forward to the profil pictures of each option that will be made it on the sheet. Are you later planning a sheet with correct high viz markings, Aggressor and test or Rescue birds?

Originally I planned to have several Fallon and Whidbey SAR options but including them would've taken up a lot more decal space and cut out several others for just one of them. Plus Fallon also would need all unique data and Whidbey would need several unique colors needed for the insignia (adding more costs that I wasn't willing to take yet for this sheet).

Other than possibly one MH-60R exception, I had/have no plans to cover any of the special high viz schemes or test/aggressor markings.

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It's been awhile. Although I'm essentially done with 1/32, I finally got around to completing these USN H-60 release, and it expanded greatly since starting last summer before being put on hold.

Now expanded to two large releases - plus full airframe data/stencil sheet.

They're at the printers now so looking at a Q4 2022 release. 


Part 1 (AOA 35-003) covers the SH-60B, SH-60F, HH-60H, and MH-60R: 

HSL-43 Battle Cats (2011)
HSL-48 Vipers (2013)
HSL-51 Warlords (2011)

HS-5 Nightdippers (2012)
HS-11 Dragonslayers (2015)

HS-5 Nightdippers (2012)
HS-11 Dragonslayers (2015)

HSM-46 Grandmasters (2019)
HSM-48 Vipers (2018)
HSM-51 Warlords (2022)
HSM-70 Spartans (2017)
HSM-73 Battlecats (2017)
725 Squadron [Australia] (2015)
816 Squadron [Australia] (2018)
Eskadrille 723 [Denmark] (2017)


Part 2 (AOA 35-004) covers the MH-60S: 

2515th Naval Air Ambulance Detachment (NAAD) (2009)
HSC-7 Dusty Dogs (2016)
HSC-9 Tridents (2017)
HSC-11 Dragonslayers (2020)
HSC-12 Golden Falcons (2020)
HSC-14 Chargers (3.5 options - 2014, 2020, & 2021)
HSC-15 Red Lions (2 options - 2014/15 & 2015/16)
HSC-22 Sea Knights (2014)
HSC-28 Dragon Whales (3 options - 2018, 2019, & 2021)



Additional images of the sheet and details at https://www.aoadecals.com/






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