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F-16s over the desert

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Most of our equipment is simply worn out with nothing in the pipeline to replace any of it.   KC-46 doesn’t work, F-35 is iffy on its best days, nearly all the peripherals we send our troops to war with are old and outdated and equally worn out.  Been like this for years.  Lots of wear and tear and dust ground into the paint on these two airplanes, but well earned.

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The F-35 is so efficient to be a jack of all trades that the Air Force is going backwards, trying to release a crash program to design a 4.5 generation successor to the F-16 in less than two years! Globally, this should be a non stealthy F-35 or a single engine F-18E/F. What a pity! I thought I they would have learnt from the Mc Namara era that a single platform cannot do anything. Replacing the A-10 and the F-16 with a single plane was already ridiculous...

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