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1/24 th Airfix Fw-190

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Hi all,


I plan to build this in the next GB.


Some reviews state that their is something wrong with the lenght of the engine section.

It makes the prop and fan stick out to much.


I found this picture that clearly shows it's not correct.

Any way of fixing this ?


I plan to build mine closed.

Maybe leaving out part of the engine might work ?

Not much can be seen with the fan in front.



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18 minutes ago, bdthoresen said:

Yes, Erwin- file the fan assembly down to almost flush with the blades, that will go a long way to correcting it. 

THOR    :ph34r:



The fan part is wrong in the kit.

I shall take your advice.


But it still looks like the fan itself should also be a bit more inside the cowling.

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Especially if you aren't concerned about opening up the engine compartment, I would say it's a simple matter of sanding down the fan assembly from the back side, or whatever the fan assembly butts up against (engine?) to get more recess in there.


Play with it until the fan is recessed into the cowl to a point that makes you say "that looks good" and your'e done.



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