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New Mini Paint Jars

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Hey Guys,


We have a new Mini Paint Jar that's a great replacement ye olde Testors/Model Masters glass bottles.

They're good for use with lacquers, don't leak, have gradations, are stackable, and come with stainless steel mixing balls.

This is an item we've been planing for a while.

By obtaining large stocks we're pleased to offer 6 bottles  per set for just $5.85.

Not too shabby :)


Each set comes with a mixing table for preparing percent dilutions using the gradations on the bottles.


Here's the link:







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They really stand up to lacquers? I had some plastic paint jars - not yours - that I put enamels in. Next day I had a dried puddle of paint mixed with plastic with a cap sitting on top! They didn't say anything about 'for acrylics only.'

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Hey Ray,

Note that in the picture, our jar is filled with straight acetone.


Yes, they can withstand lacquer/enamels, ?, for years and years since they're made from a laboratory grade plastic (polyethylene terephthalate , PET), which can 

 withstand chemicals even stronger than lacquer.

All of the paint mixing/measuring/storage tools on MPS are made of  PET and that's why ALL ARE 100% GUARANTEED :)


Thanks for the question!

I hope that answered it.







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