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Liberated during quarantine -PB4Y-1

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Started to  work on the tail turret a few days ago, I somehow came to the realization that B-24 "D"s have a completely different tail turret than the kits "J"  turret.



The "J" turret :





The "D" turret :






So I carved up a new one piece dome pattern that I could vacuum form a clear shot and I cut all the excess plastic away from the kit turret and added some styrene sheet to some places that ended up with voids where some of the material was taken off.





Another thing I noticed in photos of the "D" version of the turret that I never new about is that the 50 cal. machine guns are not symmetrical,  the  gun on the left side of the turret is mounted farther forward than the gun on the right side, I would guess it's about 6 inches, which is the length of a 50 cal. ammo round, I would imagine that it was to facilitate the the 2 rows of ammo feeding the guns inside the turret.

Here are some images of the turret that show the off-set.






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