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New Decals - USMC A-6 Intruders (1970-80s)

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Posted these a couple weeks on Facebook. Yet more A-6 decals, this time exclusively post Vietnam Marine Intruders: 


32-035 VMA(AW)-533 Hawks (2)

Part 2 specifically covers their mid 1980's carrier periods on the Saratoga and earlier JFK dets (hence the AA and AC tail codes rather than their own ED). This will be a low budget "cheap" sheet like part 1. Along with other AOA 1/32 sheets, the vast majority of 533's A-6 schemes are available.


32-036 Marine Drumsticks

Include high-viz A-6E decals for VMA(AW)-121, -224, and -322 from the 1970's during the colorful heyday. Includes basic airframe data/stencil sheet (full sheet 32-026 is available separately).


With the virus situation, release date is unknown. MicroScale currently have three smaller scale sheets that were due in earlier this month but were obviously affected by the virus. (If anyone is interested, it's two 1/72 A-6 low viz sheets and a 1/48 HMM(rein) sheet).













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