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1/32 Trumpeter SU-25UB Frogfoot Questions

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Hi all,

Im about to bite the bullet next week and buy the 1/32 SU-25UB Frogfoot, mainly because it’s an ugly beast and unusual.


I also want to throw a load of resin at it too, just for something different, and I see that Aires make a load of sets, but, what I want to know is will the Frogfoot A Wheel Bays and the Electronics bays fit into the two seat UB version?


Im really looking at doing a fully loaded (Weapons wise) Ukrainian Digital Camo version, so would like to know what aftermarket there is out there for this kit, what’s the best for it, how’s the kit build, etc etc.


Not bothered about the cost really as it’s going to be a once in a lifetime long term build, so the time spent will outweigh the costs.


Im after as much help as possible really.


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I built the A recently for the multiengine GB. I don’t know about the fit of the Aires wheelbays in the UB but in the A the fit of the main wheelbays was great and the front wheelbay was 1mm short but that was easy to correct. The Aires cockpit for the A has gorgeous details and fits very well. Same for the engine details. Masters does very good pitot tubes and armory does excellent resin wheels. My only regret is that for Russian mud movers there is almost no aftermarket ordnance available. If company like Videoaviation or Eduard Brassin were doing Russian ordnance they would make of fortune out of me...





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