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  1. Maru, how timely! Was watching Platoon last night and thinking about how great the music was from that period!
  2. Hi everyone, any idea where this can be pre-ordered in the uk?
  3. Happy belated birthday Maru, hope you had fun!
  4. Beautiful result! Is there a build thread?
  5. They don’t make em like Dale anymore
  6. Thanks Ray, I think I will bid for this kit, have to source some Normandy decals ideally for the Sherwood Rangers! many thanks
  7. Ray, I just tried to pm you but received a message saying you can’t receive messages. Perhaps your inbox is full?
  8. Guys, really grateful for the replies! Such a great forum!
  9. Hi everyone, I’m halfway through reading the book “Tank Action” by Captain David Render, a fabulous book which tells the true story of a young Sherman tank commanders experiences from Normandy through to the end of the war. It’s inspired me to build his Sherman M4A2 “Aim” and I’d like to use the best kit I can lay my hands on for the task in hand! So my question is : in your learned opinions, what is the best Sherman kit out there? cheers
  10. John, MasterDetails do some great 1/32 luftwaffe crew figures. I crewed up my revell 1/32 Heinkel he 111 adequately with them!
  11. So sorry to hear about Dale’s passing. Was thinking about him the other day as I noticed he hadn’t posted recently. Cancer is such a cruel disease but he faced it with courage and fortitude. God bless Dale
  12. Hey NPB, I built the same kit a few years ago and quite frankly I thought it was disappointing. There were plenty of fit issues and it certainly wasn’t a “shake and bake” kit. I have a bunch of their 1/32 kits in my stash, including the mosquito which frankly seems light years ahead of the quality of the f4. I’m certainly not the greatest modeler out there and perhaps my fit issues were just down to me! I believe the f4 is one of their older kits, which may explain why it’s a little more “temperamental” than the more modern releases...
  13. Mark Feltons channel is brilliant Dale!
  14. Really looking forward to seeing this build completed!
  15. What an absolutely fascinating thread!
  16. Thanks for the link Dale! Love history and am currently addicted to Simon Scarrows “Eagles of Rome” series
  17. Your builds are always superb Dale, great to have you here. Hope things get better buddy
  18. The soundtracks for “Cross of Iron” and “Das Boot”!
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