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FW-190 On Eastern Front Question

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I got a great FW-190 by PCM in the Christmas Raffle and want to join the eastern front group build. Here in lies my problem as I have no knowledge of these aircraft. 1 of the oob decal options is JG51. I did a couple searches and looked at a few books. It appears this unit went to the Russian front in 1941-1942. Could anyone confirm for me that this unit was on the eastern front? 

in the kit The decal option is red 8. No pilot is listed for this one unfortunately.


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If you got the A-1/2/3/4 packaging, you can also do some spectacular JG-54 birds:


I could not find a Red 8 in my review, either. There is a JG-51 Brown 8, but it appears to have a different shape.



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