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Rob Colvin

1/24 Ju 87b (trumpeter)

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I was wondering? Has anyone compared the fuselages (trump B vs. D) ? I was wondering if the B has the correct length. I have an airfix parts kit....it is missing the port fuselage and cockpit. I thought about using the engine, cowl, and spats as a conversion kit......thoughts?



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On 12/31/2019 at 7:11 PM, fightersweep said:

Does the Trumpeter 1/24 kit have the same undersized nose as the 1/32 kit? I'm guessing so, but thought I'd ask first.



Yes, the B has all the good and bad points of the 1/32 kit. Remember Trumpeter basically pantographs their kits from 1/32 to 1/24 without changing anything, so whatever good or bad is in their 1/32 kits will be present in their 1/24 ones too. They screwed the rear fuselage of the D-5 and G-2 versions up when they added an extra section for the EZ6 direction-finding unit dorsal antenna just like that, without worrying about lengthening the fuselage - I believe the same mistake is present in the 1/32 kit too, but of course it's less noticeable there.

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