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P-47M to N - fuselage changes?

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We'll, a little differences in the cockpit depending on which production block N you're planning.  Armrests on the seats for N's later than the block 5 if memory serves.  The initial N series used the same engine as the M (R-2800-57) but later production block aircraft used the -77.  Both C series engines and there may not be any noticeable differences between the two but I don't know that for sure.  I'll need to consult my R-2800 book and post after.  Other than that, yeah, it's pretty much the fin fillet, the bulbous one, most commonly seen on the N, was also seen on a few M's as well.

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5 hours ago, seiran01 said:

I know the wing is different, but how about the P-47M and -N fuselages? Any external differences other than the fin fillet? Pondering a Hase/Trumpy kitbash for no good reason :)

I believe that the N had more internal fuel capacity. Also autopilot, IFF, and avionics.

Neither the M or the N used the asymmetrical Curtiss paddle prop in combat.

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