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Paint Vials: Leak-Proof and Reusable Even with Lacquers


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Hey Guys,


We've just added 5 and 10ml Paint Vials along with a handy storage rack to Model Paint Solutions!

These vials have molded-in gradations, are leak-proof, and are good with even the strongest lacquers.

Each set (5 or 10ml) comes with 10 Vials, Stainless Steel Mixing Balls, and a Percent Paint Mixing Chart.


Here's a link:





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I like the vials idea! Does anyone make a larger diameter similar vial? I can see problems with me spilling those small diameter ones, because you know I will try standing them up loose...

And it is nice to see some that are impervious to lacquer. I used some generic vials to store leftover paint from a airbrush session. Came back some days later and all I found was a cap and a pool of a plastic/paint mixture.

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Hey Ray,

The diameter is large enough for me to pour from LifeColor bottles into a vial but you gotta be careful :)

The rack takes care of knocking them over and storing them--it's good for 50 vials.

Thanks for the comments.



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