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Does anyone have any experience of mounting the Rexx exhausts with the Tamiya 1/32 spitfire?


I have separated the individual exhausts with a razor saw but not sure whether they can be superglued directly onto the mounting frame or whether the frame needs to be modified to accept the Rexx exhausts instead of the kit parts.


Thanks if anyone can offer some first hand experience.



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Having had 24 hours to think it over, I examined the Rexx exhaust parts again and compared it to the attachment points on the cowling framework.


The unmodified parts are on the right, along with a couple of Tamiya exhaust parts and the Rexx exhausts as they are manufactured and before removal with a razor saw.


The left hand side shows the starboard frame with the exhaust slots carefully filed out and slightly enlarged to accept the individual fishtail exhausts.


The exhaust pipes were then carefully glued in with superglue, one by one working from the back to the front of the aircraft, to allow for the overlap of the stub tails.









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Here are the Rexx exhausts mounted into the frame.


The cowls fitted and you can see the scale metal thickness of the Rexx parts to good effect here...




I hope this technique is of use to any other modeller considering adding the Rexx exhausts to their Tamiya spitfire.


I think they are an improvement to the limitations of the injection moulded kit parts.



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