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Operation Pocket Money A-7E & A-6A

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8 hours ago, Finn said:

From a modelling point, to make a Mk-36 Destructor use a Mk-82 Snakeye (most commonly used) add a black disc between the nose fuze and bomb body, paint a white band around the body of the bomb and 4 white stripes near the tail:




here is a USS Coral Sea site:




you may find a Bunumber among the pics there.




More great intel Jari, thanks! Fred K.

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On 4/19/2019 at 11:12 AM, Finn said:

Fred, you'll have to do a little searching but you should find the BuNo's you are looking for here:






For anyone else interested in this operation, I was able to cross reference two OPM A-7E's, and possibly a third. 


BuNo 157444 VA-94 NL 403 1972 from photo in mining brief

BuNo 158675 VA-94 NL 404 19?? from photo in mining brief, but unable to positively confirm because of no time frame given, but should be '71/'72

BuNo 156820 VA-22 NL 304 19?? from photo sourced on the internet, but listed as an OPM jet, and shown w/Mk.52 mines.


HTH, Fred K.

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