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f6f-5 cockpit colors

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Hello everyone. I"m a newbie here at LSP but have been modelling on and off for many years. I was very excited to see that Airfix is coming out with a 1/24th scale f6f-5. You see my father flew one with VF 16 off the U.S.S. Randolph at the end of WW2 and have always wanted to do a big model one in in his air-groups markings. My question is what exactly was the predominate cockpit color? I'vw seen and heard everything from Bronze green on early hellcats, to Interior Green, to Black from the consoles up. I've had the opportunity to sit in a restored Bearcat, and everything but the Interior Green floor, was Black. as the Hellcats dad flew at that time were brand new late builds, I,m inclined to go with that. it's hard to tell from the B&W photos I have, the color of the armour plate behind the seat is. any insight anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

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Others may know more but as far as I'm aware, F6F-5 cockpits were predominately interior green with black details and instrument panel.


Oh, and Welcome to our little slice of modeling heaven.

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