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  1. That is outstanding!!! just what I was looking for. That's why I come to this site. Thanks again Jug
  2. I'm confused on which reduction gear housing to use as there are 4 in the kit, 2 bullet shaped (1 of them less so) , and 2 with a canister shape. There are 2 sets of rocker covers, 1 set is bulged like the ones used on the 10w for example, the others are flat. there are also 3 sets of magnetos, one looks like a canister, one looks like a cannister with a lid and small triangle on top, and 1 set that is oval. The instructions just have arrows and just say "option" . I know the parts sprues are generic to most if not all of Trumpeters radial engine kits so several versions of this engine can be made, I'm just not sure about the mid-production 2800s. Thanks for your help Jug!
  3. I'm building the Trumpeter F8F-1 Bearcat and the instructions are not clear at all on which crankcase and rocker cover parts to use for this variant. I've found hundreds of pics on the interwebs of 2800s but none of this series. Anyone have any insights on which parts to use? Or a picture? Thanks!
  4. another thing I noticed on this photo is that the spring-loaded grab handle door seems to be missing. I've noticed that this is not an uncommon occurrence since I've seen it in other photos. just a side note on the stencils, wartime birds had a "NO STEP" stencil on the wing, just above the triangular fairing is between the inboard and outboard flaps, as this portion had little support framing underneath. Don't know about the Fundekal's sheet, but I know the kit sheet does not have one
  5. The "pitot static line" stencil does not appear on #7 that was pictured in a previous post. and looking closely, the insulator appears teardrop shaped. That's they way I depicted it on my model. I believe the stencil is on the restored #32 at The FHM, but haven't seen it on wartime a/c.
  6. Looking excellent Chuck! The picture above of #7 on the Randolph was taken on August 14th 1945, or so the photo credit says on the pic I saw, making it a Hellcat from VF-16. To confirm this, the Helldiver in the background has an "L" on the tail. My Dad flew with them. He made the 12000th landing on the Randolph on August 13th. Got a picture of him with the cake! As a side note, Dad said they were using boom mikes by this time, and you can see this in the photo of #7. Great job with this kit! I've built 2 so far in VF-16 markings and am trying to figure out how to get the pics from my android to the computer, to the RFI page. technology.....ugh
  7. I've been researching Airacobras lately and was thinking of building a Guadalcanal P-400. Since these A/C were from a canceled British order and retained their British serial numbers, would they have the British Sutton harness? or the standard USAAF harness? Haven't run across any info on this yet. Thanks for any help
  8. Good call Thomaz. Now I need to correct it on mine!
  9. I just recently watched the Wyler film "Thunderbolt" and there is a great shot of the area immediately behind the headrest and it appears to be chromate yellow where the slide mechanism is. Take a look. It appears in the first 2 min or so of the film. I found it on youtube. I always assumed it was O.D. but it clearly shows something else. Don't know if it was a repaint or replacement
  10. is it just me or does the sand color appear to be splotched on the underside as well in the top photo?
  11. Would the spark plugs really be visible on P & W R-2800? I have been tempted to get the ANYZ spark plugs but it seems to me they would have been covered by some kind of boot or tube for anti-static purposes. After all, I can't see the spark plugs on my car and these plugs have to perform in MUCH harsher conditions. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  12. I'm currently working on my 2nd 1/24th Airfix hellcat and would love to locate some decal logos for the engine. I know Fundekal had a sheet. is it still available? Anyone have a spare? I painted the first one, and it looks ok, but I'm pulling out all the stops on this one and would love a nice sharp decal for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
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