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  1. Thanks for your help. I was able to clean it up with a chiseled tooth pick and swearing....saved it from the SOD!
  2. it left pieces behind, and I did use it on a flat coat. oops! thanks for you help
  3. I used poster putty or Blue Tack, as I've seen it referred to, to mask a cockpit. I must have left it on too long because when I removed it, it left a lot of residue behind that I've found difficult to remove. I don't want to use a solvent for fear of damaging the paint work. any suggestions? thanks in advance
  4. I've seen many positive comments about MRP paints on this forum and I'm anxious to try them, but I have a question. I've already primed my subject with an enamel primer, so can I use MRP directly on top of this? or do I need to put some type of barrier coat on first? If so, what would you recommend? AND is their Gloss Sea Blue fairly accurate? I guess that's several questions....LOL Thanks in advance
  5. I've heard great thing about these paints but I have a question that I did not see addressed on their website. Is it safe to spray these paints over an enamel primer? being acrylic I would assume so. just wondered....
  6. Well......cheaper than toilet paper I guess.....and they'll last longer!
  7. Congrats on a REALLY terrific job so far. As far as the armament stencil, did its location vary from a/c to a/c? I noticed it's in a different location in this picture and I don't see it at all in others? Just curious. Beautiful job once again
  8. I believe the white tape on the wings was a taxi aid for the pilot. You can't see much forward out of the cockpit when the plane was on the ground, as the nose was so long. The pilot would use the marks on the wings as a reference point to keep her straight going down the runway. Excellent job by the way
  9. I was just curious about the best way to clean your airbrush after spaying these paints. any suggestions?
  10. Thanks guys for your input. As usual a modeller with one reference is sure, and with two is confused. LOL
  11. just wondering what the yellow circles were for on the armored bulkheads of Lancasters and Mossies
  12. fantastic looking build! As far as the gloss finish, according to the book " Crommelin's Thunderbirds A History Of Air Group Twelve" the planes were waxed, which added about 5 knots of airspeed. hard to replicate in scale though, without getting that "toy look" to it. I'm really looking forward to your progress as it looks fantastic so far!!!
  13. i remember someone posting a link for toggle switches in 1/24th or 1/32nd scale. like a dummy i didn't save the link and can't find it again. HELP PLEASE!!!
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