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B-25 J glassnost nose

Guest Martinnfb

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Last week I received this kit, a deal I couldn't refuse. Thank you Shane.  Everyone builds them and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. In terms of aftermarket I picked up Brassin wheels and Q-boost guns, also Ernie is generously sending resin props and I have a stashed seat belts from ......not sure, those plastic ones :).

Montex "motha russia" set it's on the way as well.


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Awesome my friend! Looking forward to this!.....Harv

Thank You Harvey, more the merrier :)


Welcome to the dark side Martin! :thumbsup:


This group just gets bigger and bigger.



He he, thank you Cark, you know it's all your fault guys :)


We'll soon have a squadron of 25's at this rate, perhaps someone should photoshop them together at the finish......

I was thinking the same Dennis, than you for stopping by :)


Nice work. Here is another view of the tail canvas cover that was posted in another B-25 thread:





Thank You Jari, I actually find this picture after the resin dried solid :) and hang it into Ernies build .


Big assemblies first, before I bleed my energy on the small detail. Lead shot from 16 ga. shells seems to fit the bill.


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