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Any of you Colonials in the Washington / Smithsonian area?

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Just returned from the 100th Anniversary show at the UH facility....  To say I was a bit disappointed in the aircraft turnout is a bit of a understatement.  The Lancaster was there along with a B-25C/D but no Spitfires.  There were a couple single wing training aircraft and a Stearman looking biplane...  That's it.  I did not go into the lanc because the line was longer than I wanted to wait in and the weather was crappy today.  Yesterday it was sunny and in the mid 80's.  Today, rainy, cloudy and mid 40's.


 I took a boatload of photos but mostly of the museum exhibits.  I'll post a few in a little bit but don't get your hopes up... They're very basic shots around the outside of the Lanc.

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Sorry to hear about the disappointment. I ended up getting my passport on Thursday but not in time.


With the current ice storm hitting Toronto, odds are my flight would have been canceled so it's moot.


I wouldn't mind seeing the pics that you're able to take though.



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:( what happened to the Spits??? Was it the weather?


I don't really know.  They were staging out of Manassas, VA which isn't too far away.  I had heard someone say that one of them had a mechanical issue and that's why it wasn't there.  I have no clue as to why the rest didn't arrive.  The weather was perfectly fine on Saturday (they were set to arrive Sunday morning but the threat of bad weather brought them in Saturday evening).  I doubt they flew down the Potomac today as the weather was crappy again.

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