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New Review of MPS Paint Tools

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Hey Everybody,


A very detailed review of our paint mixing, storing, and transfer tools went up on Hyperscale today.


Lots of good pics with a breakdown of the tools.


We're pretty pleased:





Question about the steel balls in the kit.  There was a thread here about paint reacting to the 'stainless' steel balls that had been put into the paint to help with mixing (acrylic paint I think it was).  Have you heard of any problems with the steel you are using?




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Hey Chris,


Sorry for the late reply.


No, I've not received any reports of acrylic paints reacting to our stainless steel mixing balls.

We source ours from a company that makes them for nail polish (human use). Because of that they have to meet strict guidelines with regards to chemical reactivity.


There's a lot of on-line sources for steel mixing balls that aren't always what they appear (i.e., stainless).


Thanks for the heads up though.





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