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Hi All,


I'm going to try something I don't make very often (last one was attempted over 20 years ago!!!!) a helicopter!


I purchased an Academy MH-60G Pavehawk off Ebay last week- Wow its quite a kit! & thought this could be a little different.


I'll build this as close to the current spec as I can, though to try and get it finished in time I may try some artistic licence  :innocent:

I've currently only cut the fuselage off the spues to see what it's like- fuselage warpage in evidence though nothing serious.


Over the next couple of days I'll post some pics of the kit & possible markings. Werner's Wings seem to be a good starting point with colours & updates/upgrades. If anything I'll try and keep it as close to from the box as poss though any help from anyone will be greatly appreciated!





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I'll be watching this closely...I have the kit and some aftermarket stuff....I intend one day to build the bird I flew as a gunner on ( HH-60 of the 305th RQS ) ....I need to search out a decal sheet yet...


Good luck with your build - I'm really looking forward to following along !



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