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AIMS 32D013 Me 262A1a/U3 decal sheet

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Hi everyone, making my own 262 and borrowing the amazing JaPo books made me unable to resist doing a dedicated Me 262 reccon decal sheet which is now off to the printers (Fantasy printshop). Due to the pics in the JaPo book I discovered that not the W.Nr. I had provided on my decal sheet 32D007 for 'White 33' was incorrect in many ways. I have thus been able to re-do it - photos are everything when it comes to decal design. Anyway I hope you like this and will want one when available. Now on to something else hehe! I love my job!


PS I do have a master on the go for the unique camera fairing on 'White 3' and these sheets will also be in 1/48 and 1/72 for those interested and still have eyesight!


PPS on the sheet there are some made up W.Nrs. for those aircraft where it is not known but you want to put something on it


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