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Revell UH-1D

Mustang JBB

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Howdy All,

I am going to try to build a 1/32 Revell UH-1D for this group build.  I have the most recent release of the kit and I ordered some Archer Rivet Decals.  


I intend to build it mostly OOB except for a few parts that are easy to build and obviously missing from the kit. Some parts of the rotor head will be replaced by aluminum/brass wire or tube for strength only.  Not going to scribe it it, but I know I will sand away a bunch of rivets.  The old kit just doesn't fit that well.  


I have been wanting to build one of these for a while, mainly for nostalgia purposes.  Can't tell you how many of these I built as a kid.  My big issue will be time.  I work on the road and can't carry all my modeling supplies with me.  I can sand and prep parts, but no painting or large assembly. Lighting is also an issue.  Hopefully during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays I can knock this one out.


Not sure if I want to build it as a gunship or slick.  Armament pieces are kind of crude, but to build a slick, I need to scratch some seat benches. Might do some simple benches and close the side doors.  All the windows are not that clear anyway. 

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Howdy Mustang JBB,


you've got yourself a very nice project for the helo GB, and despite your limited time, i think you'll pull it through, take your time (no pun intended...) and most importantly  have fun building.

Looking forward to your "in progress" pictures,




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Since it is rainy down here in San Antonio this weekend, I found some time to play with this beast while home. It's going to be a lot of work just to clean up the flash and connection points from the sprues. Many parts had broken loose in shipment and made ugly nubs to clean up. I know this mold is old, but I am amazed at the number of tool marks. Sadly there is evidence of corrosion or rusting of the mold in some spots. Tiny spots, but still there. I would like to compare and old molding of this kit to this one, to see what has changed over the years.


Enough whining. The kit still has a lot of good detail and fits surprisingly well. I can see several places where I will have to sand away raised rivets and a few panel lines. The rivets should be easy enough to replace with the Archer products, but I won't bother trying to fix the panel lines. I will just sand them back to some intersection so they don't appear to fade away into thin air. I will try to fix the tools marks and mold flaws that are in areas that won't risk surface detail.


This is a nostalgia build, not competition build, so it's going to be about fun. I will concetrate on the paint job and weathering, not detail. I sure hope I can get her finished before the end of this group build. Thanks for looking.





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:notworking:   ?


Hope it is going good with this GB.. :popcorn:

Unfortunately I have only been able to do a little parts clean up so far. But this weekend I will be home and might get some of the cockpit painted. I also intend to bring the kit and some tools on the road so I can get all the parts prepped for paint or assembly. My Archer rivets are waiting at the hobby shop, so I will be able to play with those.


Thanks for asking.

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So actually got some paint on this beast. Not much, but it is a start. There is an excessive amount of flash on this kit. Every part has to be scraped and sanded to get rid of mold lines and flash. I know the mold is old, but this is kind of ridiculous. Oh well! Modeling is bout patience and persistence sometimes.


This is also a background build, more for fun and nostalgia than anything else. I have other "serious projests" going on at the same time, so this one will get attention when I can get to it.





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