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You can't get enough Yellow Wings - Part 1 : Fisher Ryan ST-M.

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Allright.....this looks to turn out to be a fine model buddy....kerp em coming.


To mention...yep alot in Mals Way.


Time..yes time is a modellers best friend.

Feel for the build, if not do something else instead for the moment, since inspiration is a positive thing that needs to take care for, since modelling is fun....not a forced must do now....it destroys much....such as inspiration and creativity.....


it is supposed to be a pleasant time to enjoy...in saying time is valuble thing and dont waste it on frustration an forced building.



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Thanks again Maru :) . This one is getting close to the finish line .... It will be next week however. Patricia and I have 5 (grown up) children in total, 3 of whom have their birthday in the week around July 14th. Add two girlfriends with B'days not far from this period, and you'll see this week-end is a big family one, away from the bench ... ;)



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Well this one is nearly finished :frantic:


But it fought me till the end :). The rear fuselage has been reriveted with Archer rivets and refoiled.

The tailplanes and rudder were glued in place (the tailplanes in the "dive" position to reflect the position of the control sticks), using some brass 0,8 mm brass rods glued in holes drilled in both the fixed and flying tail elements.

Then they were rigged with a single piec of monofilament.

The windscreens were glued in place using Tamiya Craft Bond cockpit white glue.

The anti-crash pylon was redone using thick foil wrapped around a plastic rod.

A pitot tube was added under the left wing by bending 90° a 0.5 mm brass tube. I say LEFT wing, but or course the first ime I drilled the location hole and glued the piot in place under the RIGHT wing :BANGHEAD2: . Who is the smart a... who said measure twice to cut once ? And learn to think inverted when working on undersurfaces ...


Of course I had my share of mishaps :). I use an Optivisor with interchangeable lenses. For one reason, the lens was not clicked rightly into place this time ... and fell on the model ! The wheel-spats came unglued, as well as a few underside wires :blowup:


Anyway, last few pics of WIP. I just have some paint touch-ups to do, and next post will be more glamorous shots in the RFI section.








Thanks to all for following along and sharing your appreciation.



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