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1/32 MiG 29 Fulcrum by ACE

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Hello all,


I was browsing eBay and came across this:




1/32 MiG Fulcrum by ACE. 


Does anyone know if this is a new kit or copy of Revell or Trumpeter's?


Thanks for any input regarding this!



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This is the old Revell dog...


ACE also re-boxed other old revell USA kits such as the F-16, the F-16XL, the F-5E and possibly one or two other kits such as the Apache helicopter.


I'm not sure there was a license agreement between both companies. I'd not be surprised to know that they are unauthorized copies as the only one I saw had a molding quality far under the original Revell one. Kangnam did the same and personally I only got one of such kits for a Belcher bits-based F-5A as this only required some parts of the original F-5E kit.


So, my advice is: stay away!





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Ace is a Korean company, what they do is purchase the surpluses kits produced by the moldings house and put it in their packaging.

If you are in Korea you will find numerous of other companies kits, Tamiya, Revell , hobbycraft, nichimo, Monogram, etc... There is not copyright laws that controls this there so even the instruction are blatantly copied and thrown in the box for good measure, all they do is photo copy the sheet with their logos pasted over the original logos.

Check the end of the box and the number is the price in wan, same goes with Japanese kits for the in country price check the end of the box ...

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