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Roden 1/32 Pfalz D.III


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I decided to do this model of one of the most elegant planes of the Great War.
The kit is pretty nice and i've just started one on last weekend. It shouldn't take too much time to complete the model.

The build is suppose to be OOB with some hand-made extras

The engine is almost completed, I think that everything is understood from the pictures, so I believe it's not necessary to describe whole process




20140216_130008.jpg 20140216_130102.jpg 20140216_130124.jpg 20140216_130146.jpg


I haven't decided so far which plane I want to do ....

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the cockpit is finally completed, I scratched lines and painted them in wooden, made seat-belts and cables from pedals, then painted other detales

of the cockpit and glued them to each other



20140310_165503.jpg20140310_165510.jpg 20140310_165519.jpg

20140310_165540.jpg 20140310_165553.jpg

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Next  steps, I glued both sides of the fuselage  together  and add the lower wing. After that I painted model black and after a few hours I covered the plane with satin  aluminium, made masks for black tail.


20140322_185536.jpg 20140322_185543.jpg 20140323_112940.jpg

20140323_151109.jpg 20140323_175445.jpg 20140323_175453.jpg 20140323_180837.jpg


now model is drying after Future layer

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thanks Peter.



Previously I always had problems with painting the props, I didn't like the final results.

But this prop looks like a real one, I want to add some oil paint and cover with layer of Future, so this is not a completed prop, to be continued....



20140327_173841.jpg 20140327_175533.jpg 20140327_180922.jpg 20140327_181202.jpg

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the model has been completed and I made about hundred of photos, so I need some time to improve them in PS


but I want to show you one photo, just to let you know how the model looks like (in general....) ;)



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