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"Full Bird" 1/32 Revell P-51B

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Ok, hope yall arent tired of me yet.

With my 1/24 Galloping Ghost nearly done, and awaiting more info on my Mantz and Tsunami Racer, yup, another fictional build.

I really dont know what my fascination is with coming up with my own ideas....excessive creative energy I guess...ya we will call it that. But I had another brain storm last night while taking a bit of a break from the work bench after my Spitfire build.

I want to do this Revell B model up with a sort-of off the wall paint job. Basically an O-6 retiree celebrating his career during "The Big One" purchases a surplus B model and dolls it up and announces to the world "yup I made "Full Bird" Colonel during my career!"

I opted for this back story instead of my original story where the Squadron Commander took some severe liberties with R.H.I.P. and created his own "personal hack".


Here is the proverbial Revell B model kit, havent decided yet if I will divulge the sketch of the paint as of yet....



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Wel this is it...I am all set with MY :popcorn: and about to get all attentive for this imaginative build of yours.

Giving your creative juices and thoughts a free expression will release those innovative ideas in your build, so I am

SO looking forward to this..

Of course the more extravagant and obtuse the "Off the Wall" the more interesting.

Now keeping the paint scheme et al a secret has MY full attention as you start this with a neat clean build. :hmmm:


Good work so far.. :goodjob:


Let the build begin.. :piliot: woo hoo...

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LOL ya'll crack me up.


I really like building these Revell kits, as they allow for a bit of creativity, yet they do hinder getting real crazy with the detail and scratch building, since only the top engine cowling is removable. Ive managed to luck into them for a reasonable price, and they seem to go together pretty quickly.


As far as extravagant and obtuse paint, MARU, you may be disappointed. I am hoping the graphics, color choice(s), and finish will make this one stand out!


As you will see as I trudge along, it will be parked on the ramp, and last night I went ahead and drooped the elevators, and cut out the flaps to start modifying them to be in the down position as well. Who says these old B-Model kits are boring?


BTW, should be "Speed Building 101" pt.? I have actually completed 6 planes since October, and have 5 more on the workbench right now in various stages, and hope to start at least one more P-51 and possibly another Spitfire before I turn into a pumpkin in June and head back out to the garage to thrash on my full size roadster. :mental: :doh:

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Well even your grahic choice and color scheme ain't puting ME off so let it rip and I am all ears and Eyes too.

6 planes since October..MEHTINKS you are one man mean modeling machine...


I am sure this scheme that you have stated above will still be something to shout {and write home } about.


It is nice to see that you are still so very enthusiatic re: this build..


Keep us in the know..


:fight: .... :oops:

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Well the weekend is here :D .

Got some done during the week, assembled the fuselage and all its innards.

Also positioned the elevators down and added the dorsal fin.

Thus far tonight, modified the flaps and assembled them also in the lowered position.





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:D :D :D


OK, we'll get a few build pics out of the way...










...and the all done pics














Well another one that I had a total blast thrashing together. I know I made much of the paint, and its probably fairly boring considering all the possibilities. But I really really like it!!! Its exactly what I envisioned. I toyed with various stripes, nose treatments, tail treatments, (as I was afraid it was going to end up to plain) they all ended up very modern and circus-like. So I returned to my original sketch. The Insignia Blue looks really good, though I have to admit a bit Navyish, but I think the wing striping took care of that. This is quickly becoming my favorite model that I have built in the last 6 months, since taking up building P-51's. And I now have a huge soft spot for the "razorbacked" Mustangs. Thanks for all the looks and the great Group Build!!!!

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