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l have get that kit some day. its a good choice and l think you will do ok. By the looks of it you seem to be motoring long here :P :o

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Steve, it looks great so far, but I have to tell you the cockpit is way to shallow on the kit. Like it needs to be about 3/8s of an inch deeper. I'm only telling you this so you are aware of it. Pray continue if you don't mind that issue.


Otherwise, I've been looking at the kit on my table and scratching the interior isn't too hard. Depends on how you feel about working with raw sheet n such. I also think that taking the kit parts and sanding the back of the interior panels until they are opened will allow you to nip of the parts of the interior and put them onto built up interior walls. At least thats what Im planning. Add in a floor at the level of the wings and maybe increase the seat height, and it will work.


I've been a fan of the P-40, B and C models since I was a kid. I have 3 of these. My first one will be in British North African markings.



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That’s a nice looking model so far! As was stated above, the cockpit really is too shallow scale wise, but if you are happy with the cockpit as is, no problem going with it. Not like a lot of people will be sticking their nose in the cockpit anyway. If you do go with a scratchbuilt cockpit, don’t go by the kit detail for the sidewalls as its way off. Here’s the first part of a six part article on really detailing this model out.




When I do mine, one thing I will do is fill in all of the rivet’s, the real one had flush rivets that really couldn’t be seen under coat of paint. Look at the color photo on my homepage and go under Groups/AVG/color photos, there are some good close-ups that show they just can’t be seen. Again, if you don’t want to go through that, the model still looks good painted.

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Hi Guys


Saber & P-40


Thanks for the great Info.


Well I’m just going to let her be.


I’ve gone into the LARRY THE CABLE GUY MODE (AKA Erwin, And I loves Ya man)




I’ve got way too many unfinished models around here.


And as P-40 said who’s going to stick there nose in the cockpit anyway.

Not were I’m going to putting it on display.


They are in our base Operations, or in my Office.


Enjoy Steve


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