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Here is a little help if you are having trouble posting your pictures on LSP. This is perhaps a pretty basic approach but it might be what you need for us to see what’s on your bench. It’s not a definitive approach…just one way that suits me that I’ve become used to. If you find a better way, don’t be shy….add to this post, tell us why and who knows…it might make this approach redundant. The objective here is for us to see more ‘in the works’ action from many of the sites visitors no matter what their skill level…so no need to be shy eh? :) B)


Download and install the program Irfanview and its plug-ins Infranview.com

If I recall correctly, I had to download and install the program and then go back to the site and download the plug-ins and install them. Once I’d done that I had the tools I needed to make changes to photos to suit posting limits and sizes.


System specs

I’m using XP SP2 ( SP1 works fine as well). An old clunker of a PC but it does fine. Irfanview is free to download. FOC as my mate would say.


Only infranview?

There are many other free photo manipulation software programs. Pick one you prefer to use but I’d imagine the basic principles remain the same. The thing I liked about Infranview was the control I had on compression. Compression is how you squeeze the digital file in such a way that it will reduce from say...1.5mB from your PC into the narrow 100kb hole that is the slot for your picture to be posted on LSP ( but hey…it used to be 76kb…so I ain’t complaining )


What size does your photo have to be?

At the most basic, the most I post on LSP is 800 high X 600 width and under 100kb. If you make it wider…and you can…you end up having to slide your mouse over the scroll bars to see the whole photo. If you go to the menu that allows re-sizing you will also see the option of altering your DPI in the photo. For websites 72DPI is apparently ideal, more is no better and less loses picture quality.


How do I get my photos from the device to the PC?

Personally, I’ve now resorted to a memory card that plugs into my digi camera or a card reader on my PC. I used to connect the camera to the PC via a cable but it involves too many steps. Plug your card from the camera into a card reader(<$20Au) and boom…a folder for you to select your pics from appears and then you can drag and drop pictures around your working desktop with ease. :blink:


Windows Shortcuts? More info here

I have set a few of these up on my PC. One points to my LSP posts and the other to the folder where my digital pictures I’m working on are stored. It just makes finding them much faster.

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Now on with the ‘how to’.

  • Open Infranview

  • Go to the Infranview menu section marked File -> select Open file, navigate to your digital pictures folder, select the picture you want and click OK.

  • If you navigate using a shortcut to where you’ve saved your digital pictures in an unedited fashion it might be faster than sorting through your entire folder structure.


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  • Go to the Infranview menu section marked ‘Image’'. Select -> Resize/Resample' option.
  • For speed I usually select in the check circles 800X600 or 640X480. The program will automatically adjust your picture for uniform proportions.
  • Click enter and your photo will change to the size you have selected.


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  • Go to the infranview menu section marked ‘File’ and select -> Save as. Save your file under a new name into the folder you want. Of course, if you have already set up a shortcut to that folder on your desktop, you can quickly navigate to this spot.

Note how you get two extra windows popping up. One that directs you to where you'd like to save the file and the other which has the 'compression' feature


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Now to check your file size.

  • Go to the infranview menu section marked ‘File’ and select -> Save as'. (or simply use the disk icon which a shortcut to that menu).
  • Use your windows folder view option on the top right of the active window to see the details of your files
  • You will quickly see the file sizes. If the one you’re working on is over 100kb you need to compress or squeeze it down in size.
  • You do this by using the third box to the right which gives you JPEG/GIF save options. You will see a sliding bar which is marked save quality. To the left gives you more compression and to the right less compression.
  • Obviously the more compression, the smaller your file gets. Experiment until you’re happy and the file is about 99kb…but don’t waste too much time. We’re all looking forward to seeing your pics.


Just be sure that each time you ‘resave’ your picture you ‘overwrite’ the file that was too big. Theoretically you should end up with a folder full of files that you can post without dramas on LSP.


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Another way to keep your detail high and reduce the need for compression is via ‘cropping’. If you consider going back to step… and instead of resizing straight away you simply need to hold the left mouse button down ( you’ll see cross hairs) and drag these around the area of your photo that is the subject of your post. For instance…you might not want to show us the empty beer can stash beside the modeling bench so cropping will keep our eyes on your kit and nothing else. Once you have selected the area you wanted you simply let go of the left mouse button.


Now all you do is simply go to menu option ‘File’ and select -> Edit -> then Crop selection. You will see your picture resize itself to the area you cropped. Then go through steps of resizing and saving, compression until you are happy.


Cropping a picture is not essential but can help keep file size low yet keep your resolution of the subject matter high.


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I hope that helps out some of the guys having troubles posting their photos. Whilst some of my pics are low res I'm sure once you've got the program up and running it'll help you quickly and efficiently find the menus I've been banging on about.


Good luck posting and if any other chaps have better ideas dont be shy to put them down. I'm especially interested in how to post multiple images per post.


Cheers Matty

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Hi Matty;


It's funny how these things come about......


I have been thinking especially over the past wekend on how I might put some pictures on LSP,

more especially to show some of the work I carry out on my models...... (much like evey one else I guess).


In the past I have tried in vain especially posting photos etc, to help sort out tech question...


I then read your post and there it is..... what more can I say other than you're a "gentleman and a Scholar"


Very much appreciate what you have done!!!





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Awe...why not :lol: (is there something that your not telling us Matty?) :blink:.


Nice 'How to' atricle Matty...much appreciated, especially by IT numpties like me! :lol:







For instance…you might not want to show us the empty beer can stash beside the modeling bench so cropping will keep our eyes on your kit and nothing else.


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Also to add on to this how to


for the realy lazy people (like me :lol: )


for the resize just press Ctrl+R way easier then clicking all the time I still haven't found all the off the short key's but I think this is one hell of an application. I've Been using it for quite a while now but now I understand what you guys mean with the cropping I might try that out next time


Greetz STB

Frederick Jacobs

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You're welcome guys. Glad I could help as I'm looking forward to seeing your work.


For sure Freddie..I used CTrl X and Ctrl V and Ctrl C much more than the mouse buttons...if you take them time they can make you much faster.


Hehe...what else did Santa bring you? Peeking already..tut tut. Sounds like a great present...better be ready with a good one yourself for the other half:D


Cheers all Matty

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