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Found 10 results

  1. Good evening all, Time to start a new WIP, and to (at last) live by my chosen monicker and deal with a ... racer ! The Travel Air Mystery Ship created created quite a stir when it was unveiled in 1929. Developed in great secret with the support of the CEO of Travel air Walter Beech, it was built to win the National Air Races, which up to then had been dominated by the fast Army and Navy Curtiss thoroughbreds.` It featured two characteristics that were to mark durably the design of racers and, beyond that, that of American fighters : a big powerful radial engine (the Wright J6-9 Whirlwind) an
  2. Hello everyone, I want to ask if anyone knows what kind of tanks are in use under Bardahl Special's wings here: http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photos/N2869D:1.html I don't have to worry about copyrights if I just link you to their pictures. I know by looking at these they are not typical 75 gallon or bigger 110 gallon tanks usually used on a P-51 in WWII because the filler caps are more on the side of the tank and closer to being under the leading edge of the wing and there's no horizontal seam. There's no horizontal seams around it so it's
  3. Hi all! This is my entry for the Colour My World GB. I took this kit out of the closet back in January, and upon opening the box, noticed 2 things: some work had already been done on the kit (which I had no recollection of!), and the canopy was missing. I mentioned the the missing part in the other Caudron build, and it was recommended I contact Williams Bros for a replacement. Sure enough, after doing that, an envelope with 2 very well protected canopies arrived at the door. I was too busy in other projects to do any work on the Caudron until now, but I think I can build this one before t
  4. To keep the number of short-run kits started in my workshop above 0, I have decided to launch another one. The biggest challenge here is to find out, what actually is the kit's detail, what just the flash or misalignment of forms... when I saw this on a sale in one of the hobby shops in US, just couldn't resist. So, my next victim will be the Gee Bee R Racer, made by Williams Brothers Model Products, 1:32nd scale - the only suitable for this little machine. The box... ... and its content: The works have been started, cleaned the fuselage in
  5. What- If......................It just rolls of the tongue......What -If. While banging on the keyboard on April Fools Day, Trying to get LSP Kev to reveal the next G/B I had a serious Brain-Fart. With an idea already in my head of a Demo Team build and looking around at some kits that I've been trying to sell off, I saw something that started to brew in my limited capacity little mind. I had told my wife in the past I was going to build her a plane and name it for her. I was planning to use my Tamiya P-51 with the Blondie markings and paint her name on it, OK!. And the juices kept bubb
  6. Here is my latest, done as an entry in the "Between the wars" GB. After WWI, France was the leading nation in aeronautics, and this lead was demonstarted by a series of speed world records in the early 20s, by manufacturers such as SPAD, or Nieuport. France was also the place where major international races took place, one of the most famous being the Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe. After an initial domination by SPAD, Nieuport took the lead with a number of record planes based on their Nieuport 29, which arrived too late for the Great War, but was the main fighter of the French air Force i
  7. Now this a Group Build I could not avoid participating in, in spite of the fact that I am incredibly poor at delivering anything, whether it is a group build or a "standard" build. But, as this is me era of predilection, and I have been a proponent of the theme, the least I could do was to show my support and participate ... I had to make choices in the (ever-extending) stash, and I went for the esoteric : a vac-formed model of a French racer and record plane : the Nieuport Sesquiplan In the early 20s, this aircraft has beaten a number of speed records, in the hands of the famous
  8. Hi ! I've bought this kit a few weeks ago, from another nice LSP member. Since then i cant wait to build it ! The casting is pretty good, and most small parts are in white metal. There are 2 PE sheets, one being for the very large radiator areas on the wings. The floats struts are supplied in both resin and metal, but the instructions recommend to use the metal ones as with the resin struts the build will lack rigidity. Sorry but i have not shoot pictures of that, but there was a kind of overthickness all around the cutting between both fuselage halve
  9. Hi gang, A quick heads-up. Hannants have four Aerotech dH88 Comet racers in stock at £169:99. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AT32021 I've spent my modelling funds for this month on a Tamiya Spit so will probably miss out this time round. They're by no means cheap but Eric has proved that they can be built up into real gems with a little dedication and care. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=54032&hl=comet Cheers.
  10. Hello boys and girls, perhaps you will permit me to share my latest offering here? This is another in the line of smaller scale builds that I've been busying myself with of late. I've found that time at the bench has been at a premium so I've tended toward small scale projects in an attempt to finish one or two projects. However, more recent builds have been getting steadily more and more involved. This is no exception. My intention is to detail the build here but if you frequent Britmodeller you may already have seen this so apologies to you guys for the repetition. The model is now
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