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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, Apologies for any duplication of info from other threads. I didn't want to inundate other members topics with a slew of photos and commentary so started this one. with that said, Mods, please feel free to combine this topic with others if that works best. I was lucky to attend Telford this year after missing last years show. I'd signed up for IPMS membership which gave me free entry to I went on both days. As has been mentioned elsewhere the busiest day is Saturday. I arrived at approx 11:30am to see some modellers already scurrying away from the venue after a blitzkrieg style exercise to snaffle their prize bargains There were alot of people there! I began with a gentle amble around the halls and one of the first stands was HK. Neil was displaying the A-20 and new parts for the next versions. I had a very brief chat with Neil and found him to be a very enthusiastic and friendly gent. After that I wandered around the stands and stalls snapping pics of an LSPs I could. This stand was impressive. The Lancs were animated with spinning props and lights. The engines all started one by one and then shut down in a similar manner. I'm in the middle of sorting through my photos (there are many) so I'll add to this thread as soon as I get a batch uploaded. In the meantime here are a few to be going on with. Back in a while
  2. Son Cameron and I dusted off our lapsed IPMS Membership, and ventured north for a day trip to the IPMS(UK) Scale Modelword event at Telford yesterday - for the first time since 2019! A nice, relaxed, day out compared to previous years - nothing to display, and excused from judging - so got to just have a wander (and wonder) around the trade and club stands - at least as many as we could before the show closed for the day. There were lots of stands/people/traders we missed - and didn't see any of the competition entries - but we did get a chance to catch up with old friends. A positive day... I didn't take my DSLR this year - but did manage some quick and dirty snaps on the trusty iPhone. First off - the 32SIG/LSP stand: Back in a mo... Iain
  3. It's official: https://ipmsuk.org/scale-modelworld/scale-modelworld-2021-its-on/ There are inevitably constraints, so worth keeping a close eye on the website.
  4. Here are some pictures of the commotion and interest generated by Dave (phartycroc's) Lancaster. You should have seen it up-close. TERRIFIC work by Dave on this extremely quick build (five weeks?!?!). The LSP/SIG32 table was right next to WNW so lots of questions as to which Lancaster Dave built (WNW or HKM). I should have taken a few more pictures of the Lanc, but it was rare when there were not many folks around it. It was rumored, but not confirmed, that Dave got to sit down TWICE on Saturday. HUGE interest in his amazing build. Maru: Recognize anything? Dave was even showing off some of the smaller bit and I think he was personally responsible for about half of the sales of AirScale's own PE instrument panel for the Lanc (and yes, Airscale sold out of their PE IP stock, a month before the kit goes on sale! I think HKM has a hit on their hands. This is usually what Dave was faced with on Saturday: Ok, have to get ready for work tomorrow. Will keep posting during the week so stay tuned. Yes, I've already reserved my hotel room for next year's Telford! Chris
  5. Here is my (final) set of pictures from the Telford show - starting with the Category winners and the Best of Show models, plus those that caught my eye. No particular order and apologies but I've done no post processing... Chris This was my choice for Best of Show: But afterwards was told this was completely scratch built and it was the run-away winner for Best of Show: Cool diorama from a period picture including the 'man in black' (pictures was below the diorama) - very well done. And on to the more general model pics: From inside the WNW table: And their Lancaster and the model of the nose separately - a very popular item: Last but not least...
  6. Here are some of the pics I took of some of the SIG and club tables at the show. Just for those of you who have never been or missed this year's event. Chris Well done by the IPMS UK Luftwaffe SIG These guys were a riot: Several tables had members actually working on builds at the show: That is all for now! Chris
  7. Hi, Guys. So, after attending Telford for the first time, it's time to do some evaluation of the Telford experience. Why did I want to attend this year? Well when I heard that Wingnut Wings would be at the show I began hatching a plan, maybe it would be possible to be able to share the S.e.5 diorama with Richard Alexander. I also contacted Neill Yan from HK Models to hear if he was going to attend? He was, and we arranged to meet up at the show. I then had to plan how to bring the S.e.5a, Mosquito and 'Old Ironsides' dioramas to Telford. Flying wasn't really a opportunity because of the large dioramas, I had to somehow put them in the back of my car and drive the 1200 km's each way to Telford. Well I decided to go 'all the way' and also enter models and dioramas into the IPMS competition at the show. The plan included 'killing two or three birds with one stone'.I planned the route so that I could visit some aviation museum's along the way. The Aviodrome close to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, IWM in Duxford and the RAF museum in Cosford. I won't be going into details, as many of you probably have been to these museum's, just mention what were the highlights for me: The Aviodrome at Lelystad close to Amsterdam is mostly civilian aricraft with the dutch KLM history. Replica of the 1928 Shiphol building. Fokker Aircraft incl. Dr I, the Super Constellation, the Van Berkel WA and The replica of a DH 9 being build at the Aviodrome. At Duxford: Meeting some of the crew of 'Miss Pick Up' Catalina, having an engine change. 'The Lancaster Experience', with a session inside the Lancaster. The amazing American hanger with B-17, B-24, B-25, B-29, P-47, P-51 and B-52! And the hanger with DH. 9, Bristol Fighter and B.e.2c. - Right now its my favorite airplane... At Cosford: The hanger with Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2, Me 262, Me 163, Me 410, FW 190, Ju 88, Mosquito, Spitfire and Hurricanes. As this also was my first time being to a modelling show abroad, this was quite an overwhelming experience. The sheer scale of everything was amazing. Luckily I arrived friday afternoon and I had some time to settle in before the crazyness started. Saturday morning was going to be frantic. Finding my way to the competition area and finding the different tables to display my models went very smooth, and I could go to my accommodation. The weather had turned really horrible during the afternoon, but I decided to go find 'The Thomas Botfield' Pub anyway, were there was a meet and greet with the Wingnut Wing Guy's. The Pub has a very nice athmosphere, very British. I've had some correspondance with both Richard and Dave, but its always nice to meet people 'in the flesh'. Fran Guedes from Largescalemodels was also at the table. We had some 'Spitfire' Kentish Ale, a really nice start of the show already. The announcement that Wingnut Wings were going sell some leftovers and WD kit, didn't exactly add to the calmness of the show start Saturday morning. The queue's to get in went on and on. Well as I had allready checket in on friday, I had no trouble getting in or finding a parking space for the car. And I started visiting the many stands in the three halls of the show. I wasn't really there to buy anything, as I'm trying to keep my stash at a 'what will I able to build in the foreseeable future' minimum. My main goal visiting the show, was to see some of the guy's and traders whom I have only met online and in the forums. Getting a closer look at the HK and Wnw's Lancaster's and of course to attend the new kits announcements. A great part of a show like this, is the collecting of kits, new and old. Kit swap etc. And I think the show is really great for modellers who are into this. (I'm not) Airfix new Hellcat, beautifully tooled... 'Wingnuts' introducing their 'little new' handley Page 0/400 Many, many interesting SIG's were also a big part of the show, and of course all the traders showing their stuff. At 11 o'clock on sunday the 11th November there was to be a little ceremony and two minutes silence commemorating the 100 year Armistice Day of WWI. That was quite a 'moment' that made an impressesion and I will forever remember were I was at this moment in time! I went to the competition area together with Neill from HK Models, and I think he was impressed with my work. So, to sum up the experience: I had a great time at Telford, getting much more than I hoped for. Meeting many of my fellow modelers. I can get worried a bit by the age segment participating, are we 'dinosaurs'- When we are gone, will there be any modellers left? I didn't get any recognition from the UK IPMS for my dioramas, or models. Some very nice large scale models didn't either. I just have to ask: 'Are my dioramas, really that bad? Cheers: Kent
  8. Hi All: Just spent a terrific weekend with Dave (Phartycroc), Roy, Mike, Richard and other members of the LSP/Sig32 group here in the UK. MANY thanks to these very fine gentlemen for allowing me to jump into their terrific display and for the warm hospitality. Can't say enough good things about this weekend. EDIT: No dropbox link - sorry, but I've done two other Telford threads on the clubs and SIGs and the models themselves. Enjoy! Here are the terrific Trio: Roy, Mike and Dave And they even let me get a picture in too! The display from the group was AWESOME and we had a prime location right at the entrance, next to Wing Nut Wings, and directly across from the food area. I don't know who Roy paid to get that amazing slot but it was money well spent. LOTS of attention overall, not to mention Dave's phenomenal Lancaster which I'll post in a separate thread. Some of the model pics: I'm sorry for this, but I'm gushing all over this Typhoon. The Lancaster is amazing for sure, but lets not forget Mike's amazing piece of work. Can you count the coffee stirers that gave their lives for this display? Just an amazing amount of detail that defies the eye. Keep looking! You have to ask Mike where these figures came from - just amazing (ok, he got them from the Tamiya Rally Car mechanics set!) \ And a few more other pics. I have not done a lot of processing with these so I can get them up quickly: Loved these signs. IPMS Austria has a good sense of humor: More to come later. Check out the thread of Dave's Lancaster (my external pics, sorry!). Chris
  9. Anybody with information about that kit? As far as I learned it won something last year at Telford. 1/144 splinter camouflage, MiG-21MF probably Eduard tooling.
  10. Hi guys, finally got round to sorting my photos as Monday I was pretty sick most of the day, (maybe SMW blues.....) so it's taken a little longer than expected. Great to meet Peter from Airscale finally, the 32nd SIG guys again although I didn't get to catch up with everyone, but briefly met up with Tigger, Dave, Rich & Iain. I had a bit of a battery malfunction on the Sunday and never used my camera on the Saturday for the few hours I was there, which I regret now as I could of easily taken twice the amount of photos.... There is always next year I guess. The HpH DC-3 looked great too in it's basic state, I think I will have to smash my piggy-bank open once it's out! I will only post some of the LSP stuff here due to a limit of images allowed, but the rest of the LSP stuff & show that I covered can be found HERE, don't forget to check out the scratch built Breguet 941 STOL aircraft, seriously drop dead gorgeous! Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy the photos!
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