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Found 17 results

  1. I can't think of a kit that has given me more satisfaction than Silver Wings Gauntlet: Build thread and lots of lovely period photos: My thanks to all those who helped me along the way, it certainly wasn't a straightforward build and it had its "moments" but the end result is satisfying.
  2. This is a kind of New Year resolution! You're supposed to make them and keep them right?! Some of you may remember this build that ended none too well: and from that moment to this the remnants have lain untouched and unloved in its box. But the phoenix is about to rise from the ashes! I looked at it this morning and sorted out what's what: so alongside this build: 2023 will start off as "everything Tiger Moth". Happy New Year, and cheers.....
  3. OK - no blowing raspberries you lot... Another build/project/squirrel. Came to the conclusion before Christmas that a lot of the model projects I'm playing with are big and complicated - thought it might be a good idea to pick up a nice, modern, small(ish) kit and not overthink it - if it could be a test bed for other stuff I'm trying to learn - and a few new techniques - all the better. Now I do have a bit of a 'thing' for pre-war RAF/FAA types - and have quite a pile of projects I really want to do - but they are mostly a little intimidating, and expensive, resin kits. Max, and others, have provided great inspiration with Gladiator builds - and Max's beautiful Gauntlet. Now - it happens that I have three ICM Gladiators tucked away - relatively cheap - and I have spares if I c*ck it up... Modelling bench cleared over the break - and a start made. Oh, and here's what I thought of the kit when it was released. Aims decals - the 56 Sqn markings have already found a home elsewhere... A selectuion of 'extras' - not as complex as it may look. RB Productions flat rigging wires - sadly not currently available - and something I've been wanting to try for ages. 3d printed vinyl instrument panel - in this case Quinta - again - something I've been meaning to try for a while. AIMS etched fret for the Mk.I and Mk.II - will only be using a few of the comprehensive collection of parts provided. Plan is a little extra detailing - without going mad - and a neat build and silver paint job. Oh - and a bit of 3d modelling and printing. Back in a mo... Iain
  4. This will the first of what I hope will be two, perhaps three entries for the Trainers GB. Ever since I received my Silver Wings Tiger Moths I've been impatiently waiting to build one, the review promises a cracking kit but I hope that what I wrote comes to fruition! Mine will be finished as a trainer of No. 28 Elementary Flying and Training School, Mount Hampden, Southern Rhodesia circa 1943: The badge of the Rhodesian Air Training Group:
  5. I'm going to be building what is for me one of the most beautiful aeroplanes ever designed: The wonderful Hawker Fury The Fury I entered squadron service with the RAF in May 1931, re-equipping 43 Squadron. Only relatively small numbers of Fury Is were ordered, the type equipping No. 1 and 25 squadrons. At the same time, the slower Bristol Bulldog equipped ten fighter squadrons. The Fury II entered service in 1936–1937, increasing total number of squadrons to six. Furies remained with RAF Fighter Command until January 1939, replaced primarily with Gloster Gladiators and other types, such as the Hawker Hurricane. After their front line service ended, they continued in use as trainers. It was a fast, agile aircraft, and the first interceptor in RAF service capable of speed higher than 200 mph (321 kmh). It was the fighter counterpart to the Hawker Hart light bomber (which I'll also be building later next year!). The kit was originally issued by Montex but latterly Alley Cat, being mastered by Wojtek Kuakowski who then went on to found the Silver Wings company. when you open the box, everything shouts "Silver Wings": except for the interplane struts and undercarriage which are cast in white metal rather than resin reinforced with brass rod "a la Silver Wings": Instructions are "meh.......... challenging!": but the schemes and decals look good: References: I haven't decided which Fury to finish her as yet, possibly one of these: Fortunately Robert Hardy built one some years ago on Hyperscale so I've copied and printed out his words of advice. A lovely gaggle of Furies:
  6. For my own amusement as much as anything else I've been comparing the three Tiger Moth kits which are now available. I thought I'd make a running thread of my musings on various aspects of the three but please feel free if inclined to add observations, comments, questions or ribald humour! Part 1 - THE KITS: The oldest of the three is the Matchbox one, first produced as long ago as 1978 in multi-coloured plastic (why?) then latterly re-boxed by Revell in 1997 in a light grey plastic: Matchbox/Revell is quite a mouthful and too much typing for me so from now on I'll call it Revell. Only last year Silver Wings picked up the challenge in what appeared to be a gap in the market given the venerable age and increasing scarcity of the Revell kit. The Tiger Moth is very much in line with the type of aircraft that Silver Wings tend to specialise in so fitted the bill very nicely. A little persuasion from LSP members added to the chances of its issue: And then, completely out of the blue ICM announced a new Tiger Moth kit which has come out very recently indeed. ICM are the emerging player in 1/32 scale aircraft, we were all stunned and delighted by the Gladiator that they produced last year, so a new Tiger Moth was very welcome: BOXES: It's worth mentioning the boxes, and indeed the box art because in each category one is notable for all the wrong reasons. The villain in box design is the Revell one, an end-opening box which as a storage box whilst working on the kit is as much use as a chocolate fire screen. The hero is the ICM box, it's the type we have come to expect from them of a cover lid lifting off to reveal a stout box which opens from the top and closes securely. ICM can't rest on their laurels though because the box art isn't that good, especially the representation of a Tiger Moth being flown solo from the front cockpit.....it doesn't happen!! MATERIAL: Both the Revell and ICM kits are injection moulded plastic, the Silver Wings resin with some photo-etch. COSTS: Most people wanting a Revell Tiger Moth will search on eBay and as we all know prices there can fluctuate wildly, a recent search showed kits available between £25.00 and £70.00. Silver Wings kits, being short-run and resin are always expensive, slight variations can be found but typically they are around £120.00. The brand new ICM kit works out at about £35.00 from suppliers such as Hannants. WHAT'S IN THE BOX: So what do you get for your hard-earned money in terms of bits of plastic (or resin)? Five sprues with the Revell kit which includes two aircrew and a mechanic (not very well done I'm afraid), but also floats should that "float your boat" and an enclosed canopy if you want a Canadian version. Lots of bits (I haven't counted them but some smaller ones duplicated) giving a high level of detail. For example, a one-piece mould in both the Revell and ICM kits of the main undercarriage structure comprises five pieces in the Silver Wings kit. Just three sprues in the ICM kit, the most notable part is the lower wings and cockpit floor structure moulded as one, therefore setting the lower wing dihedral. More about that in later additions to the thread. INSTRUCTIONS: Wide, wide variations here! All are A4 size. The Revell one: Compared to the Silver Wings ones: The main problem with the Silver Wings instructions is that apart from the PE, there are no part numbers showing allocation positions so the builder is entirely at the mercy of the clarity of the illustrations. Experience shows they don't always work! and the ICM ones: I know which I prefer! Enough rambling for today, more diatribe downstream!!
  7. Max Williams takes a look at the new resin Tiger Moth kit from Silver Wings. Many thanks Max! Iain
  8. Well just for change I'm doing (another) Silver Wings Fw44 Stieglitz! This one I'm very happy to say is a commission build for the lucky chap who owns and flies this beauty: It took Richard 5 years to restore this one, and he's actually restoring another original Luftwaffe one right now, but the model will be depicted as D-EMNN. We will be using the swastika on the model rather than the Focke-Wulf logo on the plane. Having recently completed one Stieglitz I'm thinking about bits I struggled with, techniques used and order of assembly to make this one an easier (read trouble-free) build. I bought 50% of Hannant's stock to make sure I had one!
  9. At last I've had the time and the weather to get out to take some pictures of my Stieglitz, just in time really because I see that I started it on 2 January of this year! Like all the Silver Wings kits it is beautifully produced and a real pleasure to build. I hope you like it as much as I do!!
  10. Hi everyone - I have posted these before but with the ICM release perhaps it is good to have a fresh link to easily find. The album is on my AIMS FB page - enjoy https://www.facebook.com/pg/AIMS-1246247558760457/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2818460878205776&__xts__[0]=68.ARDfb4pheswdcJxud_PaAwqHlQwQisg8aM9MGhaNg9B1Ab0mQBTsbbmN_xk6xOWlS9Ym5sf35AgwaJt3JkfKK85ClUEUTuhzz9LN63CsbLidZdXkw_HxgNg0782EMwdGuttjAPqwJ2lzhUSdODMjY_mIePg8Tg_uf0cWvzfEyteBz0rzrki3O0p-aG9dH9VBegWi5DDfYLuu4fepvA1ekbqzGw_Ct_ZWUdvQH98OLJA3jC65hucttbxmOKkyy9XsZbA88J-kQCrTnkIc7drmXaQFXzIvDaD86HwBTqVOwKsAD0aqF8Vkkd38JJu6GlzJEtyDbbIMJnDbwWTW9Hc_xfEdM_YJ_wXED-hvXL5vKOE8L_aj-aX_-8FmmYL7k9K0eV8kffSIiHag18LVgyMvOF_qL-FGWl5-zOscDiogdRd4YL4cAE2520r-pvqIlIY-v6Q_EPznrNAI2CuoaKMPg_OQoQ&__tn__=-UC-R
  11. I may come to regret this, but after the intensity of finishing my AIMS conversion Bf110G4 in the "In the Pale Moonlight GB", I feel that I need a more "simple" build to get my head straight and before getting involved in the Multi-engined GB with my Anson. I bought this kit early last year and have been itching to build it ever since: The Fw44 Stieglitz (goldfinch) was one of the main training aircraft for the Luftwaffe in the 30s and 40s and was flown by Peter Spoden, a former Nachtjager and gentleman who I've been privileged to meet: It's the first full resin kit that I've built, so bit of a learning curve there, but it will be OOB apart from a few bits of wire in the cockpit. It comes with all the bits in plastic bags: packed by Celine! but as Geoff Coughlin noted in one of his reviews of a SW kit in Scale Modelling Now, the bits are randomly packaged. The instructions are a series of drawings: but there are no identifying numbers or sprues to give you a clue about what is what and where it goes. So my first evening was spent emptying everything out onto a table and basically trying to identify bits and sorting them into bags: It was a worthwhile exercise because I feel that I've got a bit of a handle on what's going to be needed. No decals provided but masks, which I prefer anyway so that's a plus. I hope to start the build very shortly. This is a rather good photograph, very clear around the engine, which is where I'm going to start!
  12. After a long battle Fiat is finished. Markings are my own work + old masks and decals from other models. Work in progress topic: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=69719&hl= My Spanish collection - Cricket, Rata and Stuka. All beautiful in their own way :
  13. Finally it's done ! I've started it more than one year ago, but most of the time it stayed on my bench half built and untouched. I restarted it a few weeks ago, and was very happy to meet this model again. It was a pleasure to build for a resin kit, with a very good fit and a very few issue (maybe the only issues were my fault). The painting was not easy though, as i had to cut masks for everything, and the yellow wings also ask for a lot of masking. Yellow is definitely not an easy color to paint. It is almost translucent, and even the tiniest bit of dust is visible. The olive drab color is a mix with british dark earth and US olive drab, to get something a bit khaki. The white is also a mix to get something more creamy, and the yellow as well (pure yellow + a bit of orange). Of course it's straight of the box, except a few things, like the antennas, and of course the rigging. This aircraft is not the easiest to rig, especially just in front of the cockpit, as there is a very few space between the upperwing and the engine cowling. It's a bit like building a boat model in a bottle. The control cables are EZ line, the structure rigging is Prym flat elastic wire and the antennas are Uschi elastic wire. The turnbuckles are basically brass microtube cut to lenght, and they are not present everywhere as some rigging points were inside of the fuselage. Now i can jump on the next build to be finished, and i think it will be another Curtiss bird, as i have a P-36A about 75% build. Here is a link to the WIP thread : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=54237
  14. Hi guys, I am happy to present here my finished Stearman from Silver Wings WIP build thread you can find here Overall it is a nice kit, which comes together really well, with no fit issues. Even though that I planned this build as a quick one, in the end it took me almost 3 months to finish and despite a few minor obstacles described in the WIP I really enjoyed this building. And although it is not perfectly built, I am happy with the result Painted mainly with Gunze C, weathering stuff from AMMO. and thanks go to Steve for his valuable advice and recommendations during the build. Thanks for looking and all your comments jan thanks for looking jan
  15. Hi guys, was thinking about easy project to run it together with my bigger projects just to relax a little bit and be able to complete the model rather than a few months and because Steaman is one of my favourite aircraft I have decided to start Silver Wings all resin beauty my aim is this one... Just some snap shots of kit content Im plan to build it OOB except to HGW seatbelts. For smaller part CA glue will be used, for main parts HP epoxy, and Gunze C paints and some subtle weathering for finish have started with engine, upper wing and cokpit so far great fit, little bit of cleaning, but no issues the only challenge are the instructions hand drawings, for smaller parts really unclear thanks for looking jan
  16. Hi all, Here she is. All finished. The resin Silver Wings 1/32 Fokker D.21. Started this kit on april 29 and finished today. So about 2,5 months. A joy to build. Great fit but challenging instructions. Take your time and you'll be fine. I added: • Master barrels turned brass gun barrels (2 sets). • Some minor details on the door (locks, hinge, etc..) That's it. Used Gunze paints all over and AK interactive panel washes. Also AK Interactive lense crystal clear and transparent red and green for the navigation lights. The aerial is EZ-line. Build log here: http://forum.largesc...kker-d21/page-1 Cheers! Jeroen
  17. Hi all, Right in the middle of building the Silver Wings Fokker D.21 kit I reviewed recently. The fit is great. The instructions can be challenging. Instrument panel with Ammo Crystal Clear: Rudder controls, stick and floor boards: Some fitting: The Bristol Mercury engine: More pics here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3688-silver-wings-132-fokker-d21/ Cheers, Jeroen
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