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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings all; Here is my contribution to the MEGB, the HK Models B-25J as "Vestal Virgin" from the film Catch-22. I'm not going crazy with AM stuff, just the "necessities" for this big gal, mainly the G-Factor bronze landing gear legs, and I have an extra set of Master B-17 .50-cal barrels to use in place of the kit plastic. Also a set of Eduard masks for all that glass. The KitsWorld decals will be ordered later today. Photos: The obligatory box shot: The AM goodies: I don't yet have the decals on hand, but here are some images from the KitsWorld website, my thanks to them for that: Also, I'm well aware of the propeller blade shape issues. I'm pretty happy that I think the perfect solution dropped in my lap when the HK Lancaster arrived. It has what, to me, look like near-perfect prop blades. Here's a photo to show the comparison: I'd like very much to hear others' opinions of using the spare prop blades from the Lanc kit. The butt ends are not the same but that doesn't worry me, I'll pin them. A better solution for me than resin props. Thanks for checking in and let the fun begin! Jim "Jimbo" Harr High Bridge, NJ
  2. All, While I have been a member of LSP for a couple years now, I have not completed a 1/32 build until now. Here's is my first submission - a 19 month build version of the HK B-25J glass nose, made up to resemble the original "The Ink Squirts" as based on Okinawa in the summer of 1945. This took somewhere around 500 hours of time to complete. For the most part, this is an OOB build. I did get the correct props, added metal landing gear, Brassin wheels, used Finemolds ABS plastic seat belts (they are very nice!) and used the Profimodeler brass gun barrels. The paints were a mix of things. Most of the interior was done using Vallejo Air paints. This is the first time I've ever used these paints and I have to say they are excellent. The only ones I did not care for were the metallic ones. They were too grainy for my tastes. The exterior of the plane I first coated in Model Air Grey Primer then applied an overall coat of Floquil Old Silver. I then masked off areas and used a couple different Alclad metals over this for panel variations. Aside from the Grey Primer. None of these were applied to cover 100% as I wanted slight variations in the aluminum skin tones (which can be seen in photos of the original aircraft). Glass lights were painted with Tamiya clears (green, red and orange) on the back side of the clear plastic parts that were then glued into place. Some the engine parts were painted with Model Master Metalizers. Weathering was applied by hand (literally, with my fingers) using a mix of Mig Old Aluminum, Black Smoke and Volcanic Ash pigments mixed in with some of Doc O'Briens Grimy Black weathering powder (these powders can be found in railroad modeling catalogs). For the liquid weatherings I used Mig and Model Master washes. My father was stationed on Okinawa at the end of the war (when this plane was there, too). He often commented that the planes were dusty/sandy from the island sand. So my intent on weathering was based on this and what I could see in photos. Not real dirty/grimy but somewhat dusty-dirty. I have not installed the U antenna on the front glass yet. This did not come with the kit and was purchased from Profimodeler also. Decals were from Kits-World and are very nice! They were applied directly over the Old Silver/Alclad paints and sealed with a 50/50 mix of Polly S Clear Satin and Flat Clear (this seemed to approximate the sheen of the aluminum best to my eye). For the rivet counters out there - Yes, there are some errors. But it's a model. I enjoy building them and don't worry too much about, well, the rivets. The kit cockpit glass is wrong for this particular aircraft. If you search for images of this plane, you will note that the left front of the cockpit has metal framing around the image painted on the glass (the pilot?). These frames are not molded into the kit glass. If anyone has any questions about how I did something on this build, please feel free to contact me. Apologies about the fancy backgrounds in the images. My photo studio was set up to photograph a model (as in woman) and I didn't have time to change it over to a light table (which this model, being as big as it is, probably would not fit on anyway! LOL!). Hope you all enjoy and thanks for taking a look! -Ro
  3. Thought Id share some warbird pics I took. Who knows might have a detail you're looking for. https://www.flickr.com/photos/shawnmanny/collections/72157671911963928/ Bonus random F-18F that showed up! Neat trip, great aircraft and wonderful access to them. Sadly I did not go through the B-17, sorry gang
  4. Hi guys! From my research for another string, I stumbled across what may be the most comprehensive source I have seen yet! http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/01/stuff_eng_interior_colours_us.htm Enjoy
  5. So this will be my first "online" build. And i will be sharing my build progress here on LSP... Project: B-25J-2 "Old Ironsides III" based at Alesani Airbase, Corsica 1944-45. 12th Air Force, 340th Bomb Group, 488th Bomb Squadron. Photo of "her" around september 1944, supplied to me, by Dominique Taddei (Author of USS Corsica) Kit: Hong Kong Models 1/32 B-25J Aftermarket: Profimodeller, Eduard, Brassin Wheels, HGW Seatbelts, Scale Aircraft Conversion Metal Landing Gear, Montex Mask etc... I have to admit , starting "her" almost a year ago, but went "cold" after completing most of the Cockpit. I didn't have a subject that i was happy with or interesting enough, to keep me going. But now I have and i'm on "fire" again.. Seeya! Kent
  6. I've been kicking an Idea around for quite some time. I want to do a scratch built 1/24 scale B-25J under restoration. I will leave the tail section off and the outer wing panels off. It wont have any engines and will have some skin removed as if repairing support structure. I have done quite a bit of research on B-25's under restoration, tons of pictures and have looked at AVIALOGS website to collect information. What I cant find are the diagrams and blueprints, schematics that I see the masters here using. Where does one get that kind of reference material? I have been paying close attention to the experts here scratch building masterpiece works of art and want to give it a try. I like the way Fozzy has been building his GIANT B-17G from scratch and am leaning to that approach.... here is the inspiration from War bird News June 5 of 2015 Well, am I crazy???? Dan
  7. Finished the crew for my 'Old Ironsides III' project... http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=60335&page=1 The AC Models B-25 crew set, are very nicely sculpted and a rare addition to the world of wwII largescaleplanes... And the finished crew, ready to board 'Old Ironsides III'... Hope you like them... Kent
  8. Well She is finished. Big Bad Bonnie was the first B-25 i ever saw flying. Back in the early 80s at Stapleford in Essex. When Kitsworld produced the decals i new i had to build one. This one came up on ebay for a very good price so i snapped it up. The build went OK but it was one of those models where i had bad luck along the way. First of all i accidently poked the seats out after the model was already finished. This meant i had to get them back in through the turret opening , then the dog got hold of the nose glazing and cracked it. Luckily my friend had a spare one , then one of the scratchbuilt exhausts fell into the rear of the engine , which meant i had to pull the engine off to get it back out. The model Has been modified to represent the TB-25 , so i had to remove some exhaust stubs form the cowlings and make a new exhaust. The hardest part was scratchbuilding the new taller squarer carb intakes. It is fitted with SAC metal legs. I had seen and heard bad things about these but mine were perfect. The noseweight is the profimodeller one but i needed to add more to it so be aware! Wheels are the superb Brassin one. Prop blades are loon models and of coarse the decals from Kitsworld. Im very please its done , but im starting to wish i had gone for a 1/48 one. Its a bit large and i dont really know where to put it!
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