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  1. Decals time! finally! some hours later That's all for tonight. Ciao Luca
  2. Hey all! I'm Back, I moved in a new house and i've been very busy in it. so... here are some progress about the sluf! some weathering first, only oils directly on the panitjob then some more airbrushed Right wing cracked while painting... a fast mechanical assintance and some paint and now is like new!
  3. Hi all, A friend of mine is a Piper PA-18 Owner and is asking me to build his plane. here is the real one. The Revell kit of the standard landing gear version is not good. the float plane one seems good but i don't know if there are also the standard landing gears in the box as part not to be used... anybody knows if I have to buy both boxes and mix them? Thanks Luca
  4. Hi Guys! Breaking news down here! Paintjob is over Now it's time for some weathering. All pylons, ailerons, flaps, slats, elevators, rudder, gear and inspection doors are temporany fitted with patafix until all weathering and decal job will be ok. Hope you like the way the plane is comong out. Here the pics JD, I'm happy you recived my tanks, hope they will be usefull! Thanks for watching, comments are always welcome ciao Luca
  5. I agree with you jack! I actually love tell those pilots what to do, doesn't matter how you do it, you just do what I say!
  6. Part two the one sitting on the left side of the katana is me ciao Luca
  7. Hi guys! I'd like to show you some of my latest photos taken 10 days ago from my plane. Yes i'm a general aviation pilot, my favourite hobby! with 2 collegues of mine(both pilots, we are all Air Traffic Controllers) we started the engines of our planes and we took some shoots while airborne on sunset. My plane is a Diamond DV-20 katana, my collegue's one is a 1948 Macchi MB-308 perfectly restored by himself last year. Here are the photos! enjoy!
  8. Nice Idea! good work an the wing so far... Keep modeling, almost all pilots have on their logbook at least one hour on the lil' Cessna! mee too!
  9. AWSOME!!!! Fantastic work.... and, yes I still love and miss the 104!
  10. thanks guys, really appreciate that! today's update... Tanks and pylons are also painted, now i'm going to fix some curves, and trying to join the pylons paintjob with the wings one... but i'm out of 313, so i can't do it till tomorrow! Ciao Luca
  11. hi guys! here are my latest progress... later on more progress What do you think? Ciao Luca
  12. yes for sure, PM me you personal adress, i'll send you the 2 tanks.
  13. yeah i've already noticed that, I'm working on the paintjob now but some time ago i did a dryfit. I really don't knowif the plastic struts will sustain the weight of my model, I also have resin external tanks 40g each, the internal zatco's intake and all the aires stuff... i'll try to modify and verify palstic struts, but maybe i'll copy them in metal once modified.
  14. Matt, your work is stunning, great detailing! I love the corsair and i love the way you are building this one!
  15. I Agree with ron, parts seems to be molded not glued! Thanks for sharing your art with us shark! ciao luca
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