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  1. Scale32Nut

    New Hasegawa Zero

    I got it figured out, very easy once you read the instructions, but then this is LSP, who around here reads instructions! I hope this help The kit is flash free, there are no sink marks that I found, I have the Tamiya Corsair and the Hasegawa panel lines are every bit as fine as the Tamiya kit. My camera memory is full so I could't get pictures of the clear parts but they also look very acceptable. Hope this was usefull I was able to get this for less than 50 bucks including shipping on ebay! Carl, Pasco, Wa
  2. Scale32Nut

    New Hasegawa Zero

  3. Scale32Nut

    New Hasegawa Zero

  4. Scale32Nut

    New Hasegawa Zero

  5. Scale32Nut

    New Hasegawa Zero

  6. Scale32Nut

    New Hasegawa Zero

    I have the new Has zero in my stash. There was a thread that people were discussing this on and wanted pictures. I could't find the thread so I started this. I can't seem to upload pics...little help please Carl
  7. Been following this build and I am so impressed with how well you bring out the fabric details and weathering of the details in the nose. This is museum standards! Carl
  8. Scale32Nut

    J2M3 Raiden | ZOUKEI-MURA

    I think AWESOME is the appropriate word here! The rendition of the pilot is fantastic. Carl.
  9. Scale32Nut

    Albatros D.III, Jasta Boelcke

    Kevin I've got this same model and am trying to replicate the wooden plywood panels on the aircraft. Hope you haven't given up on this build, if you have I would like to know if there are any issues with the kit. Thanks Carl
  10. Scale32Nut

    Co2 for airbrushing

    I haven't done much modeling lately, but I work for a local pop distributer and I use bottles of CO2 for airbrushing. It has worked great and now that the weather is impruving I have a couple of cheap models I will start on to get back into practice. I may go to using nitrogyn insted of CO2, haven't decided yet. The pro's for nitrogyn is that it is inert, if you spray much CO2 you should have plenty of fresh air, you could put yourself to sleep, or worse! Carl, Pasco, Wa.
  11. Scale32Nut

    Are You Aware of This

    Follow this link to download a copy of Detailing Scale Model Aircraft. http://mikeashey.com/BOOK-FIRST%20AIRCRAFT.htm The book has been out of print and is hard to find. This is a free dounload! Carl
  12. Scale32Nut


    Russ, what a find for me, I just recieved my 110 from ebay ($21.00 including shipping!) After finding your build I cannot possibly build OOB. This is a tremendous inspiration and will force me to go beyond my rookie skills and strive to "push the envelope" of my modeling skills to a higher level. I hate to think your gonna take her apart but if you do I'll be watching and will order your resin parts. Thanks for sharing Carl TheWebNasi
  13. Scale32Nut

    relive YOUR moment of glory...

    I am a basketball official here in the state of Washington I've been doing this for about 14 years and this year I got to work my first state tournament. Mark Few of Gonzaga was court side watching the game I did, he was scouting a prospect. That has nothing to do with me It's just the biggest name I can drop right now Carl
  14. Scale32Nut

    What are building at the moment?..

    At the moment I'm working on a scratch built D&RGW stock car in 1/64 scale for my model railroad. I plan on making multiple cars by making a mold and duplicating it in resin. This is my first attempt at the molding process and I'm spending a lot of time perfecting my original. I also have an SBD in 1/32 that I'm working on. Scratch built cockpit and rescribed pannels. I just work on whatever I'm in the mood for. Have fun Carl
  15. Scale32Nut

    REVELL P-47 D "Bubbletop"

    Chris your modelling is a great inspiration for all of us I like your method of building the landing gears. Can you tell us what size tubing you use? Thanks Carl